One Memory

Mr. MPB recently asked me a seemingly simple question:

 If you could keep only 1 memory from your life, what would it be?

I tend to hate these types of questions.  I’m not a big fan of what if games.  Because in my experience they are usually just a rabbit hole that are better left unexplored.  But alas, this time I partook.

But before I could answer, he said Oh, that’s a hard question for you – your mom, your sister, Little MPB.

Funny enough, he never added himself or our wedding to the list.  He clearly knows me well enough to know that our wedding was  lovely, but not something I was overly obsessed with.

But the truth is, this question was a simple one for me to answer.  I didn’t have to take a second to think about.

The moment in my life that I never want to forget is the moment his birth mother placed him in my arms, just moments after he was born.  The moment I met Little MPB is simply the best moment of my life.  That moment is hands-down the best moment ever.  It was the kind of moment that can never be replicated or repeated.

As for Mr. MPB, he said it was the first time Little MPB laughed.  Which warmed my heart.

It turns out, neither one of us would choose to remember each other.  And we are okay with that fact.  We love each other, obviously.  But, our little boy is the light of our lives.  And, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So today I ask you, if you could keep only 1 memory from you life, what would it be?

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11 Comments on “One Memory

  1. This is an interesting question…. I know that I would want to remember Avery – just an everyday happy memory of her laughing or playing. I love my wife, but our children are the sun and the moon and the stars and everything that is good in this world. Our spouses are just people we love. There’s a difference…. I also know that my wife would be more torn about this…. She wants us to love each other as much as we love our kid. One memory is hard. Haha what a depressing question!

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  2. Both my husband’s family (his dad) and my family (my great-grandmother) have been affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease so this question would get really real, really fast for us. There are moments that I’m sitting with Michael at the end of the day laughing about something that happened, and it hits me that we may get to a point in our lives that one or both of us won’t remember that moment. To not remember my daughters? My son? My husband? My parents? My brother? It is just too hard of a question. And I have a feeling that future memories will be hard to let go of as well (like the first time I see my son in the next few weeks). I’m not a big fan of these questions either!

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  3. This is a tough question with 35 years of memories suddenly rushing to the front of my thoughts. What one is the absolute, most powerful one for me that I never want to let go of? Right now, if I was to lose my memory tomorrow and only be able to remember one thing, it is walking down a trail, with my son’s chubby little hand clutching tightly on to mine and his big blue eyes staring up at me as a smile spread across his face when he saw the river and he gently tugged on my hand and yelled “mommy! COME!” That moment was everything and I want to hold on to it forever.

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  4. And I’m crying reading this. Mine is more of a feeling than a specific memory. I would always want to remember the feeling of the weight of my children laying on my chest while sleeping. And now I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep.

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  5. I want to say the moment Matthew was born, but that then minimizes the moment Bryson was born, when in reality it wasn’t less of a moment, but it was different the second time around.

    Honestly, I think I’d choose to always remember the first time I saw my baby sister. She was in the NICU and a nurse risked her job to bring her to the door for us to see her in a flash moment. I remember it so clearly (and there are no photos of the visit, so we know they’re real memories). I felt like she was a gift to me. She’s always been, “my baby,” since that moment.

    Of course there is the memory of my boys truly playing together for the first time, which I got on video, and it is my very favorite memory of motherhood so far… So probably that one now that I think about it!


  6. Such a hard question but I think it would be the moment A was placed on my chest and what my husband and I were feeling at that moment. I still remember that vividly and can almost taste the emotions that were in the room at that time. Very interesting question!

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