Officially Done!

Little MPB became a Canadian Citizen almost a month ago.  And today, Little MPB’s official Certificate of Canadian Citizenship arrived in the mail.  This hasn’t been without a bit of drama in the last few weeks as bureaucratic incompetencies occured yet again, but I could care less about that now that the certificate is here.

To say I’m elated would be the understatement of the year.

Amongst all the adoption paperwork that we are saving, we now have 4 very important documents:

  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Adoption Order
  3. Amended Birth Certificate
  4. Certificate of Canadian Citizenship.

In addition to the paperwork that makes us a forever family, the arrival of his Certificate of Canadian Citizenship means that now have the formal identification necessary to prove our son is a Canadian.  And therefore this is undeniably an exciting piece of paper.

But for me, this single piece of paper, also signifies that we are officially done with all the adoption related paperwork!!  And I think this marks the end of our formal adoption process!

This day is over 3 years in the making.

And, I am just absolutely thrilled.

Now, we will move onto normal, non-adoption related paperwork.  The paperwork that every Canadian child typically gets – a social insurance number and a Canadian passport.

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We had managed to make it over half the month of eating only home cooked meals.

Day 11: September 11, 2017: Home-made chili from the freezer.  The Adult MPB’s thought the meal tasted great and loved how easy it was to make.  unfortunately Little MPB absolutely hated chili!  As in, he hated it so much that we may never attempt giving him chili ever again.  He ended up eating some yogurt, toast and fruit.

Day 12: September 12, 2017: As I feel as though summer has officially ended given a drastic drop in our temperatures, we made grown-up macaroni and cheese.  We boil up some pasta.  Our standard recipe is to mix together 1 tbsp. of butter, 2 tbsp. of flour on low heat until soft, then add 1.5 cups milk and 0.5 cup blue cheese, 1 cup goats cheese, 1 cup cheddar, 1 cup brie, a dash of salt and a dash of pepper.  We never actually use exactly these cheeses or these proportions – we just whatever is in the fridge and guesstimate the proportions.  And we also added bacon and portabella mushrooms, again just what we had on hand.  And, as an added bonus, Little MPB absolutely loved it!

Day 13: September 13, 2017: Left-overs!  Mr. MPB suggested turning the mac n’ cheese into quiche.  To which I responded, that sounds horrible, I’ll pass.  So, in the end, we went with left-over mac n’ cheese with a jalapeno and cheddar venison sausage.

Day 14: September 14, 2017:  I was away with work.  So, Mr. MPB had venison smokies and Little MPB gobbled up the remainder of the left over mac n’ cheese.

Day 15: September 15, 2017: Home-made pizza night.  We just use whatever we have in the fridge for toppings.

Day 16: September 16, 2017: BBQ steak and roasted pesto cauliflower (1 head of cauliflower cut up, 3 tbsp. of pesto and 1/3 cup olive oil – cook in the oven or on the BBQ until golden – about 20-30 minutes).  With red wine of course.

Day 17: September 17, 2017: First up, we started the day with home-made waffles – one of Little MPB’s favourites.

Mr. MPB tried turning our gas BBQ into a smoker again.  The meal looked amazing, and as an added bonus, there was no meal destroying fire.  But, unfortunately, the venison tenderloin saved from last years hunting season for a nice meal, was absolutely horrible.  As in, so horrible that I couldn’t eat it – somehow it’s texture went to mush and neither of us couldn’t handle the texture.  Thankfully he also made balsamic glazed carrots which were fantastic and a peach crumble which was also very tasty.

Day 18: September 18, 2017: I was away with work…again.  And I was forced to eat our with colleagues so I had a chicken wrap (not pictured).  So, Mr. MPB pulled a left-over shepherds pie out of the freezer for Little MPB and him to enjoy.

Day 19: September 19: 2017: We had to find a way to re-use the horrible venison tenderloin – there was way to much left over to simply throw it out.  So, Mr. MPB turned it into meatballs and we had meatball sandwiches and froze the remainder of the meatballs for another night.  It wasn’t great, but it was at least eatable!

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