An Evening Out

In the complete madness of my life right now (due to too much work and too little time which I knowingly signed up for, so I really shouldn’t be complaining), I have decided Mr. MPB and I need an evening out together, since our last date night was back in 2016.

I still don’t have any idea what our evening out will entail.  Do we just go out to dinner?  Do we go for dinner and a movie?  But, what movie?  The only movie that’s out right now that I’m remotely interested in is Beauty & the Best.  But I can assure you Mr. MPB isn’t too keen on spending his first evening out in months watching Beauty & the Best.  So, needless to say, I’m curious what do other adults do on date nights without their child(ren) along for the evening?

I’m kind of excited to spend an evening out with Mr. MPB!  It’ll be fun to eat dinner at an adult restaurant with a decent wine menu and without trying to feed a very active toddler with an audience!


But going out for an evening means we also have to hire childcare.  We live in a city without any family nearby, so paid childcare is our only options.

When I decided we needed a night out, I just called our old nanny.  She’s moved on to a great new job (as I knew she would) but she’s still happy to spend some time with Little MPB.  Since we have no plans for our night out, I asked her what night she’s available and we set the date based on her schedule. And so, our old nanny is coming to spend an evening with Little MPB!  I’m convinced he is going to be so happy to see her!  But, I’m also slightly worried that this might really confuse him.  He’s not at an age where I can explain to him that she’s just coming back for one evening, so all we can do is hope that it goes well!

I wont lie, even if he’s confused, it’s nice knowing that when we go out for an evening that Little MPB is going to be well taken care of!  When she’s with Little MPB, I just know I don’t have to obsessively worry, and that’s a major relief!

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Once upon a time, while driving to the grocery store, a husband and wife had a conversation:

Me: Hey, I was just thinking, any chance you want to try again?  I just realized I’ll be 35 next year, which means our chances of a successful pregnancy will drastically drop in approximately 10 months.


Mr. MPB: Ummm….we have a chance at a successful pregnancy?


Me:  Well, no.  Not really.  Just that our chances will drop even more in about 10 months.


Mr. MPB: Why are we talking about this?


Me:  Well, before I turn 35 we have time for probably 2 more pregnancies/losses, maybe even 3, knowing us.  And we both know that at 35 problems with infertility and pregnancy complications increase, so I figure we have 10 months to try with only our existing problems.  Basically, if there is any chance we are going to try again, we should be trying before I turn 35 and our already horrible chances drop even further.  I figure the responsible thing to do is to make sure you don’t want to try again?


Mr. MPB:  That a definite no.


Me:  Good.  Neither do I. I am really just done with going through more losses.


Mr. MPB:  Oh by the way, you’ll be 35 in 9 months, not 10.

Needless to say, recurrent pregnancy loss changed us.  So much so that now these conversations are cavalier and almost sadistically humours.

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