We are in some sort of weird baby stage.

I have no idea what’s going on.

It seems as though every week he changes one significant thing.

His feeding habits are changing.  We forced him to give up his 3am bottle before Christmas (best thing we ever could have done considering our crazy Christmas and our adult need for sleep).  Then, two weeks ago while he was sick he chose to give up his evening bottle and now will not have an evening bottle under any circumstances.  I think he started to refuse the bottle because we had Baby Tylenol or Advil in it and he was actually refusing the medicine, but the end result is the same – no more bottles, under any circumstance.  Straw cups are the only option – in fact, he will only use the munchkin click-lock weighted flexi-straw cup specifically.  And, no straw cup right before bed in his room.  I’ll admit, I miss the before bedtime snuggle that went along with the evening bottle.

And, for approximately a week now we are also going through a major sleep regression and nap refusal.  We are so not used to this.  Asides from a few short-lived hiccups here and there, Baby MPB always goes down every single morning at 9:30am for a 1.5 hour nap, like clockwork.  Then, he has his afternoon 1.5 hour nap every single day at 2pm, also like clockwork.  If we were to try to push his nap back 15 minutes, he’d just fall asleep wherever he is.  This little guy lives for sleep.  So, here we are now, with Baby MPB absolutely refusing his morning nap and he has switched his afternoon nap to 12:30pm.  And now at bedtime he doesn’t really want to sleep.  Instead, he cries and takes a long time to settle himself before falling asleep.

We’ve talked to our more experienced parent friends and they’ve all said it sounds like he’s just given up his morning nap.  I thought this didn’t happen until about 16-18 months old?

Oh, and he took his first steps.  Well, maybe I should say that he’s proven he can walk independently – he took a few steps with our nanny and then a few more for me moments later.  He’s done 4-5 steps a few times now.  (Funny enough, he refuses to walk for Mr. MPB).  But he’s pretty much vehemently opposed to actually walking on any sort of regular basis.  In fact, if we try to encourage him to walk he sits down immediately.  Basically, I think he’s proven he can walk but he also has a little stubborn streak in him.  I suspect we are another month or more away from him choosing to walk on a regular basis.

So, in the span of about 3 weeks he’s managed 3 significant developmental skills/milestones all on his own.  All we know is that it feels like our little guy is suddenly growing up very quickly!  Somehow, I feel like my little baby might be turning into a toddler before my eyes!

I’ll admit, there is some sadness in seeing him grow up so quickly, but 98% of the time I am just so excited to see what he’s going to do next.  He never seizes to amaze me, and I’m just so thankful I get to be at his side for each of his new adventures.

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A New Family Rule

I think it’s pretty obvious we are very good at doing way too much with our limited spare time.

Once again, this weekend has turned into another crazy weekend as we are going away.  It wasn’t really in our plans, but it sort of just made sense in the end.

I have to work Saturday for a public meeting that I’m running (yuck, I never work on weekends) and it happens to be in close proximity to some friends.  And those friends happen to be having a birthday party for their kid on Sunday.  So, rather then me driving 7 hour round trip by myself on Saturday and then driving another 7 hour round trip on Sunday as a family, we’ve decided to just make a weekend out of it – doing part half of the driving Friday and half the driving Sunday.  And we plan to have some fun while we are at it!  (Also, no nees to worry, the roads are nothing like they were earlier this week – as they are now clear and safe and expected to be throughout the weekend).

But, after this weekend, we are not doing anything for the foreseeable future.  In fact, I think we have about a month of no weekend plans!  And, we are excited by the thought of multiple non-committed weekends in a row!

We have been doing way too much for months now, and I think we hit our limit during our Christmas/New Years crazy.  So we have a new rule – we are simply going to stop doing so much.

Easier said then done, right?

Well, we’ve decided to be black and white about it.

1 weekend of significant activity (i.e. family/friends staying at our house or us going away for family/friends commitments) = 2 weekends off. 

I’m not saying the off weekends mean we are just going to sit at home all day, realistically that’s probably not going to happen because I will get way too board and Baby MPB seems to do better during the day when he has an outing.  So, on our off weekends we will still do stuff as a family around home – we may go to the zoo, or the grocery store, or enjoy a baby play date with local friends, or even go to the local park (if it ever gets above -22F).  So, what I really mean is that our off weekends are going to be about creating unscheduled, downtime as a family.

And, maybe if I’m lucky this new strategy will also help my immune system recover and maybe even gain some strength so I’m not sick every other week!

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