Toddler Bedroom Furniture

Soon enough, Little MPB is going to transition into a toddler bed. First by changing his crib into a toddler bed and then one day he’ll require a real bed. And one day he might actually be potty trained and we will say goodbye to the change table/dresser, which is rather small so it’ll move into our closet for extra drawer space. And, the bookshelf that is currently in his room is incredibly unstable so it has to go as soon as Little MPB transitions out of his crib. So, basically this means soon enough we will start saying goodbye to the baby furniture that is currently in his bedroom.

While Mr. MPB and I agree about the upcoming changes, Mr. MPB and I are not in-agreement about what will go into Little MPB’s toddler room.

I am adamant that Little MPB should have matching furniture (just as he does now). It doesn’t have to be expensive furniture. In fact, I don’t see the point on buying expensive furniture for a toddler to ruin with stickers, or crayons, or hitting with toys, etc. But, I do want everything to at least match. I’ll admit it, I really want his room to look cute and well put together.

Mr. MPB thinks we can just use some mismatched furniture that is in various places in our home and put it in Little MPB’s room as is. Specifically, he thinks we should use the following:

  • An old and dated pine dresser that is currently in our guest room and serves as a storage space. This just happens to be Mr. MPBs dresser from his childhood and it has survived move moves then I can count in relatively decent shape.

  • A bookshelf that has been sitting in our master bedroom with nothing on it for a few months. It used to be in what would have been a second child’s room, that we started re-doing (and still haven’t really finished) a few months ago. Even though it was moved out of that room, we haven’t sold it yet because it is a quality piece of furniture that has withstood the test of time. So we just put it in our master bedroom pushed to the side temporarily. This happens to be mine from my childhood, and is unfortunately a slightly pink veneer. (There are 2 more shelves not pictured).

  • An IKEA veneer night stand which was sitting in a closet not being used which we purchased when living in an apartment during university. It’s in fine shape, it just doesn’t match anything in our house. And while it hasn’t been used recently, we figured we probably would again some day so we’ve just held onto it.

So, we finally came to an agreement on Little MPB’s future toddler room – in our spare time we are panting the three pieces of furniture to match! On the weekend we purchased the primer and paint that will supposedly work on veneer. And, in the evening, after Little MPB goes to bed, we’ve already started priming the bookshelf and the night stand (we will paint the dresser last as we don’t have enough space to do all three pieces at the same time).

On the assumption that everyone goes according to plan and we don’t ruin the furniture, in a few weeks I will share the updated matching toddler furniture.

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The Things Toddlers Say

Remember how way back when I was all worried about Little MPB’s language development? As in, freaking out over it and eventually got a referral to a pediatrician to make sure he was developing on track?

Well, my obsessive worrying over his speech actually makes me laugh now, because I was so wrong to be so insanely worried #FirstTimeParentWorries. One day a few months ago, it was like his single word use exploded. And now, all he does is talk in little sentences, using new words every day.

When we are in the car we hear I see tree, I see car, I see big truck, I see snow. Snow cold.

When we are playing with toys we here I like car. My truck. Kick ball. Read books. MPB no like BB-8. I help Daddy. Paw Patrol?

When we are eating dinner we hear I like cheese. My Goldfish. Milk please. I like I like toast and jam (which actually means toast and butter, if we put jam on his toast he freaks out). I like cookies (which actually means baby rice crackers, poor kid doesn’t know that a real cookie is way better then rice crackers).

And most recently, while having an evening family dance party Little MPB stopped, looked up at us, and declared loudly enough for the neighbours to hear, I SWEATY BABY as he lifted up one arm and wiped sweat from his arm pit. I laughed so hard I cried. And now I’m left wondering how he knows what sweat is?

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