Every now and again something happens which makes me realize just how fortunate I am to be a Little MPB’s mother.

Sometimes its something as simple as a song. Or a seeing someone else walking down the street with their kids and being able to think, how wonderful it is that I get to do that too. Or watching Little MPB learn something new or even just play with his dad. And sometimes, it’s just a feeling that washes over me for no apparent reasons.

But sometimes it’s also a moment of pure madness. A moment where the puppy is screaming and the toddler is screaming, as if somehow feeding off each other so both just get louder and louder. The puppy is desperate for physical connection. The toddler is desperate for pancakes and syrup, right this second (even though there are no pancakes in the house). Mr. MPB is trying to console to toddler. I’m trying to cook said pancakes in record time and get the puppy to be quiet.

Part of my brain wants to explode, because it is just so loud!! Part of me just wants to walk outside for 30 seconds and let Mr. MPB solve this crisis.

But, instead, I keep scrambling to make pancakes in record time. And yet, I find that I cannot help but smile, ever so slightly.

This is my dream, in all it’s glory.

I was desperate for our house to be a home, to be filled with the sounds of laughter and love from children playing with their siblings and our family dog. And today, I have actually have a version of that exact dream.

It may not be everything I imagined. In fact, I’ll admit that this very moment isn’t one I ever specifically dreamed about. Never did I imagine a puppy that appears to be some sort of screaming machine. And I spent a lot more time fantasying about the happy, laughter filled family moments with a few kids, not one inconsolable only child toddler.

But if this is what a bad day looks like, then I’ll take it. And I’ll take it again tomorrow and the next day. Because bad days are also a very real part of being a mom. And honestly, a bad day as a mother, is still one of the best days of my life.

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Honestly, this last week has been a challenge. Either we don’t remember how hard Dog MPB was at this age, Dog MPB was a saint puppy or it is entirely possible that Doodle MPB is a devil puppy. And I only say this because she cries/whines/howls/barks all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME! It is so bad that the Adult MPB’s cannot hear ourselves think and Little MPB has taken to sticking his fingers in his ears saying Doddle MPB is Too Loud! Honestly, it’s so bad that part of me is regretting the decision to get a puppy – all of you who warned me about how hard a puppy is, this is where you get to say I Told You So. (For the record, we are committed to her, and we will work through this, but right now her constant screaming is really hard to deal with).

So, first I have to say thank you to everyone who provided comments and encouragement to our very loud puppy who hates being more then a foot away from us and doesn’t like her crate. Both Mr. MPB and I are thankful for your suggestions and encouragement and have already implemented a few things.

Second, I have to say, we are thankful to have a private training session happening today. I actually cancelled the first trainer we planned to bring into the house – I had asked her to change the time of our appointment by 30 minutes and it took her 4 days to respond and I asked her a question about puppy socialization opportunities at her facility and she responded by telling me to come to an additional group class where she discusses puppy socialization. So, for the amount of money weare spenskng on the private training, we wanted someone who was just a bit more receptive to basic questions. The new trainer comes highly recommended from a few people and I’m hopeful we she will be a better fit for us.

The new trainer is coming during the day while Little MPB is at daycare. This will give Mr. MPB and I the ability to both talk with the trainer and listen to her directions first hand. And we will both be able to develop a training plan with her that fits our families needs.

I am hopeful she will have some suggestions to help deal with the very loud puppy who still doesn’t love her crate and still doesn’t like any separation from us. I’ll be honest, we need help with this behaviour as we cannot take all our work phone calls outside for the rest of time, especially since we are expecting 8 inches of fresh snow today which means the temperatures are going to be falling below freezing once again. Truthfully, we just need some quiet in our house from time to time. And I’m sure that at some point our neighbours will be unhappy about the 24/7 sounds coming from our house. We are still hoping her noisiness is the result of anxiety from moving away from her litter-mates, but as more and more days pass, we just aren’t so sure.

I am also hopeful the trainer will give us that normal basic puppy training support so that Mr. MPB and I are on the same time with teaching basic manners (things like sit, lay down, loose leash walking, not jumping, etc.). Honestly, I optimistic that this stuff won’t be too hard because we already have her sitting on command pretty regularly. And, as for as house training goes, while I don’t love the every 2.5 hour bathroom breaks, this doesn’t worry me because every 2.5 hours is normal for her age.

Here’s to desperately hoping that the trainer points us in the right direction and helps set our new family dynamic up for success.

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