Mommy Do It!

Little MPB has entered into a Mommy phase.  If you remember, Little MPB used to only let his daddy do things for him.  But not anymore.  Now, the tables of turned to the point that Mommy Do It is probably Little MPB’s most common phrase these days:

Getting Little MPB’s milk from the fridge = Mommy Do It!

Unclipping Little MPB’s car seat = Mommy Do It!

Playing cars = Mommy Do It!

Make dinner = Mommy Do It!

Build lego’s = Mommy Do It!

Snuggles = Mommy Do It!

Change a diaper = Mommy Do It!

Read books = Mommy Do It!

Which of course this leaves Mr. MPB wondering when and if he can do anything for Little MPB.  Truthfully, it’s obvious Mr. MPB is not loving this new phase.

Me on the other hand, I’m soaking up every moment of being the obvious favourite, as I assume it wont last long.  I love that my little boy wants me!  I love that he asks for me to help him out.  I love that when he’s hurt, he wants a hug from me.

Truthfully, I just love, that my tiny human searches me out when he wants comfort and love.  And I just love, that every single time he asks for something, he ask for him me, his mommy!!

Have I mentioned recently, just how much I love being Little MBP’s mom and how truly amazing it is to be a mommy*?


* disclaimer – not all mommy moments are amazing, but for me, each and every mommy moment is something to celebrate.  Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful I was chosen to be Little MPB’s mom.

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Taking the Edge Off the Crazy

It’s official, I now say that Doodle MPB is the biggest mistake of my life.

Now, I also recognize that getting a crazy puppy with a 2 year old is probably not the worst possible mistake people make in their lives. For example, I could have made a decision to start smoking crack-cocaine (or is it inject crack-cocaine?  I really don’t know.  I’m not experienced in crack-cocaine).  Clearly, I could have made a worse decision.  So, maybe in the scheme of life, this being my biggest mistake is not the end of the world.

Honestly, we’ve talked very seriously about re-homing her.  Both our vet, trainer and amazing dog supporter Belladonna Took and I agree that the only two situations that would arise from re-homing her:

  1. If we advertise on a public buy and sell site (i.e. craigslist), and am truthful about her personality, the only person who would be willing to take her would be someone running a dog fighting ring (they would probably love to have her for all the wrong reasons). So, this is clearly not an option.
  2. If we take her to the city pound, she would be adopted immediately because she is just so darn cute.  But, it’s just not an option because she’ll either be destined to a life of continual abandonment as people would return her every 3 months due to her crazy or she’ll end up with someone who gets frustrated and ties her up outside all day and basically abandons her.  Again, not an option.

(There is a third option, which is actually driving half way across the continent to take Doodle MPB to Belladonna Took, who will take her and find her the right home as she runs a small dog rescue – but that is an absolute last resort, to the point that we are not even considering it.  That said, I’m thankful we know we have an out if we truly get to that point).

So, where are we at?  Since we refuse to do either of the potential options, it means we adamantly refuse to give up on her.  (I will say, a large part of this decision is that while she’s crazy, she is not aggressive.  Aggression would be a game changer for us, since we have a toddler in the house.)

But, in the meantime, our vet has determined we have tried everything she can think of and suggested we try medication to help her.  So, as of yesterday, Doodle MPB has started what I am calling puppy prozac.  In reality it is called Clomicalm.

I asked our vet what to expect, and I loved her description.

We are not trying to change Doodle MPB – she is a lovely dog.  We are just trying to take the edge of the crazy.   

So, we are trying this for a month.  I’m told it will take at least 1 week before we notice any change.  And in 30 days, we will either alter the dose or try something else.  The thinking right now is that she’ll stay on this for the next year or so, and then we’ll try weaning her off of it.  But I am told some animals will need it for life.  Only time will tell.

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