The Vacation That Went Bust

2018 ended with high stress in the MPB household – Sick toddler, Christmas crazy, unpleasant family visits, etc.

But, I kept telling myself we’d be okay because we were spending 10 days in Hawaii at the beginning of January. And honestly, what can go wrong in Hawaii? Just Little MPB, Mr. MPB and I. No computers. No work. No family drama. Just the three of us, enjoying the beach, the pool, the warm air and some quiet family time.

Honestly, the first few days, were glorious. Exactly what I needed. Exactly what our family needed. I’d love to launch into the glorious stories about family dinners watching the sunset; or lunches by the ocean; or the whale watching boat ride that resulted in an hour long snuggle from Little MPB when the boat rocked him to sleep on me; or my morning at an amazing spa. Or…or…or.

But, instead, I’ll share about how our family vacation came to a sudden halt due to a family medical emergency back in Canada.

Upon word of the situation, it became evident that Mr. MPB had to catch a flight back to Canada. And he needed to catch the very next flight. So, while he received medical updates from other family members, I got on the phone to get him on the very next flight. In between all of this, we decided Little MPB and I would finish the trip for a few reasons:

  • First, this was Mr. MPB’s family emergency. His immediate family needed to be together and needed to potentially make some life and death decisions (literally). Even if we had been at home, I would not have been there. I would be his support from afar, but not in person.
  • Second, a toddler in an ICU unit is not a good idea both for those who are sick but also for the toddler. It was best that Little MPB not be around. Clearly, if Little MPB wasn’t going to be there, neither was I.
  • Third, the cost to change flights was very high (needless to say we were disappointed with our airline given the situation). Given the cost to change 1 flight, changing flights for 3 people was not a wise financial decision. And given points one and two, it really didn’t make sense to.
  • Fourth, Little MPB and I were either going to return home (not the same city as Mr. MPB’s family emergency) or were going to stay in Hawaii. So, regardless of where we were, it was just going to be the two of us hanging out. Since we spent a lot of money on our trip, and it felt silly to waste the money spent. So, rather then spending even more money to go home early, we stayed to make the best of the situation.

(As the family emergency is not mine to share, what I will say, is that the family member is still alive, and in ICU. The situation is very much day-to-day. That said, there are reasons to hope that a decent recovery is possible, so we are all focusing on that hope).

Anyways, once Mr. MPB left, it donned on me that I was literally stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean caring for a toddler with no help. Yes, I realize I care for Little MPB daily, so this isn’t really a new thing. I also realize, we were in Hawaii, so not exactly the hardest place in the world to live. But, I can honestly say I have never felt more alone in my life then I did for those few days in Hawaii as the remainder of the trip was spent receiving updates from Mr. MPB, texting a few friends, and finding activities for Little MPB and I. We spent hours at the pool, played at a local playground, ate way too many rainbow coloured shave ice treats and checked out a few touristy places, like a tropical plantation with a little train ride and an aquarium.

But as much as I was keeping Little MPB busy, I also don’t think I slept a wink and I pretty much stopped eating, as I do when I get very stressed (but I did manage to keep Little MPB well fed, so don’t panic, he was good). And, the thought of flying internationally solo with a toddler, very nearly gave me a nervous breakdown (I am happy to report we managed the airport and got home safely).

Once Little MPB and I got home, we got home to an empty house. Mr. MPB could not come home. He spent another week away, which meant Little MPB and I continued to be on our own. (Thankfully Mr. MPB is back and we are now trying to create a normal routine to help Little MPB re-adjust to life, after 5 or 6 weeks of crazy).

Needless to say, what was a bad December has turned into a very stressful January. And, this years family vacation now feels like a complete bust.

Maybe February will be better? Or March? Or maybe living like crazy stressed out people is just our new norm?

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9 Comments on “The Vacation That Went Bust

  1. Ah, man!! Our trip planned to Hawaii this year had to be cancelled as well. I don’t think I would enjoy Hawaii as much if I were there without DH. I hope the family member recovers completely soon!

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  2. Yes, hoping the next weeks and months are much better for you! You are brave to stay on an island alone with a toddler, braver than I girl!


  3. I’m so sorry to hear that the vaca did not go as planned. I have a lot of respect for you deciding to stay with little MPB. I hope all is okay with the family member and less chaotic times are to come.


  4. I am so sorry your vacation did not go as planned and Mr. MPB had to leave early. I hope things are getting better with his family member. That is never easy. Wishing you all the best.


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