An Unexpected Week

As a parent, I think by now I should know to expect the unexpected…

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This week, was supposed to be a typical pre-Christmas week.  Meaning, work Monday through Friday while Little MPB would be at daycare.  But, no over-time as I don’t have any deadlines until January.  Wrap presents in the evening, after Little MPB goes to bed.  Eat home cooked meals.  Enjoy the odd glass of wine and/or Candy Cane Martini.  Maybe even celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Get back into a routine of writing.

Instead, our week went like this: Saturday notice Little MPB had a little cough.  Sunday notice a Little MPB was rather snotty.  Monday, Little MPB was sent home from daycare with a moderate fever and basically pull an all-nighter with a sick little boy.  Tuesday afternoon we were at the doctor (with high fevers and his history of pneumonia I wasn’t waiting any longer), sent for chest x-rays and under direction to start antibiotics right away and to force fluids.  Pull another all-nighter. Wednesday morning, receive a confirmation of pneumonia, notify daycare, notify grandparents/friends, snuggle in for a long day, continue forcing fluids, etc.

I’m thankful our doctor was willing to start antibiotics prior to the x-ray confirmation simply because it meant we got a head start on treatment.  We are able to keep him home from daycare all week (not that we have a choice), but we really don’t want him to miss out of all the Christmas fun with family so getting the pre-confirmed diagnosis medication should give him a head start on being well enough to enjoy Christmas.

I’m also thankful we know what we are dealing with because at least it means we don’t have a mystery illness to deal with.  Also, because he had pneumonia last year, we sort of know what to expect, and we aren’t nearly as scared as we were last year.

But I do have to say this pneumonia diagnosis has meant: no wedding anniversary celebration, no home cooked meals (thank god for take-out), 5am wake-ups to get some work in before Little MPB is up for the day, rushed present wrapping, etc.  Basically, instead of a relaxed pre-Christmas week, it’s felt like a busy overtime week, just with lots of snuggles, tv time and basically force feeding Little MPB fluids.  Needless to say, my relaxing pre-Christmas week never happened.

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Here’s to hoping Little MPB keeps improving and we don’t find ourselves spending Christmas in the emergency room.  And that neither Mr. MPB or I get pneumonia as our Christmas gift.

As an aside, I’m not sure that I’ll get back to regular writing now until the New Year. So, I will end today by wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  I know this season isn’t easy, with all of life’s expectations on our shoulders and memories of those we’ve lost often taking centre stage in our minds.  Sending all my love to those who are struggling this year.

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15 Comments on “An Unexpected Week

    • I forgot to ask the doctor so I don’t know the answer yet, but I’m wondering if he’s now more susceptible to pneumonia? Like, is this going to be a reoccuring illness in his life?
      Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family as well!!


      • Isn’t pneumonia bacterial? So, how can it lifelong…I would assume viral are since there is no cure and your body has to fight it, but bacterial should not be recurrent with a strong dose of anti biotics, no?? its just perhaps his immunity is weak, if it helps, the next time the minute he starts getting a cold, maybe reach the Dr given his history? IG texting you privately…


  1. We’ve been right there with you in spirit this week 😦
    I really hope he’s on the mend now. You’re such parenting veterans now that you’ve totally got this! And as parents, maybe we’re just not meant to relax 😛

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  2. Hope improvement is swift and parents do not succumb.
    My best parental holiday advice after decades of parenting is: be certain event is 99% a wrap two weeks prior to holiday. That way parents either are not under a last minute chaos with illness or other event and in best case you actually have the last two weeks for pure enjoyment and embellishment. Mark your calendar with reminders now for next year.
    Int he mean time remember the serious message of the grinch: Christmas isn’t decorations or fancy food traditions or festive gifts ~ it is the joy and gift of family as YOU define family, hopefully is is also a celebration of peace. Best wishes.

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  3. What is it about pre-Christmas week?! My toddler was sent home from daycare with vomiting 😦 thankfully just a 24 hr thing but jeez.


    • Thank you!! I am happy to report that he is back to his normal self, and got a clear bill of health from the doctor just this morning. 🙂
      Wishing you a wonderful 2019 as well! 🙂


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