So, it turns out Little MPB was not just teething.

In fact, when his temperature suddenly spiked to 41.6C (106.8F) and he began breathing very quickly we called the nurse line and were directed straight to the emergency room.  I honestly have to say, I had no idea temperatures could get that high!!

We were through triage and seeing a doctor in basically no-time, even though there were probably 30 other kids in the waiting room before us.By the time we got to the hospital and saw a doctor, Little MPB’s temperature had dropped to a less scary 39C (104F) thanks to baby Tylenol and baby Advil.  He was even colouring with the crayons and paper a volunteer gave him.

But the doctor wasn’t fooled by his sudden improvement.

We were whisked off to X-Rays, which were a horrible experience and had me in tears – I can say with certainty that the x-ray technicians were great, but the medieval torture device they used to get the X-Rays was horrific.  But, it was worth it, as the X-Rays confirmed that Little MPB has pneumonia.

We were sent home with very strict instructions on when to bring him back to the emergency and when to follow up with our family doctor.  We were given the rules for returning to daycare and being around other children – which we will be following to a tee, as it turns out pneumonia is super contagious.  We were also given direction to let Little MPB watch as much TV as he wants and eat anything he wants because in all likelihood he isn’t going to be eating much at all in the next few days.  In fact the doctor told us to offer Little MPB his favourite foods regardless of how unhealthy they are in hopes of getting something into his tummy.  Which basically means, Little MPB is under doctors order to consume his current obsession food – gold fish.  (As an aside, it turns out the doctor was right – Little MPB wont eat anything, not even goldfish, he’s living on fluids and that about it).

And so the last few days have been spent monitoring his temperature, managing a steady stream of baby Tylenol, baby Advil and antibiotics.  We’ve also been snuggling, watching paw patrol and trying to convince Little MPB to drink some fluids.

Honestly, he’s already doing a bit better as he has been fever free (and Tylenol/Advil free) for about 6 hours.  But, he’s still far from being his normal happy self.  I’m hoping in another few days he’ll be back to normal.

But until then, everything else doesn’t matter.  Work commitments have been cancelled and social events are postponed.

Once he’s better, we will try to find our a normal routine again by firstly turning off paw patrol and secondly returning to healthy home cooked meals.

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29 Comments on “Pneumonia

  1. Aww, poor little MPB – how awful!! Enjoy the snuggles, even if they come because little MPB is so unwell. Thank goodness the nurse directed you into the ED …. could have gotten so much worse!! Take care of yourselves!

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  2. Have you tried hydralyte sachets? They are orange flavored and A can only drink them, nothing else!
    Also… when A got it, we got strict instructions to make sure he absolutely doesn’t catch anything more than a minor cold for the next 6 months to prevent a relapse! He got croupe and that was the end of our daycare story. Ask your family dr as well!

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    • the er doctor didn’t tell us about the other germs for 6 months, thanks for sharing because I’ll definitly ask our family doctor at our follow up appointment.
      we haven’t tried hydralyte sachets but definitly will! doctor told us to mix apple juice and water if he won’t take anything else. and he doesn’t even really like that, but he will tolerate it.


  3. Oh, poor baby!!! I hope he recovers quickly! It is so awful to see them so wiped out. I’m glad you got good care right away. Please take care of yourself too. Hopefully nobody else in your house gets it and he’s back to normal and driving you nuts with his two-ness very soon!

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  4. I’m sorry to hear this and so glad you got quick treatment. I’ve been through pneumonia with a very little one, and I know how scary it is. Thinking of you all!


  5. How incredibly scary. I’m glad he’s ok and not in the hospital. Hoping for a quick and smooth recovery.


  6. Aww, poor guy. Hope he’s all better soon!

    I know what you mean about the “medieval torture device” they use to get a toddler chest x-ray, as one of my sons had to have one to rule out pneumonia when he was around 16 months old. SO sad!


  7. Poor little guy! That sounded super scary, but I’m glad he was quickly seen, examined, and treated! Hope he feels better soon!


  8. Oh no! I’m glad you caught it so fast. I had pneumonia for a full week before being diagnosed. It’s not fun, but thanks to antibiotics, super curable.
    I hope he feels better very soon ❤


  9. My daughter got pneumonia about his age, it was scary. My only advice is to take him back to the doctor even if there’s the slightest indication he’s sick for the next couple months. It took my girl 3 full months and 3-4 rounds of antibiotics for it to go away


  10. Oh, poor little guy. Tru had pneumonia last year and it really wore him out. Thankfully the antibiotics worked quickly! I hope little mpb feels better real soon!


  11. How horrible! I hope he gets well soon. Thank god for sweet tasting baby painkillers!


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