2 Year Molar Torture

Little MPB has always been a very early teether.  To the point where I’ve wondered if I count his teeth wrong, and attempt to recount them (a word of the wise, counting teething toddler teeth is no small feat).  For the longest time I thought the canine teeth were the worst to come through.  They caused so much pain, and agony for Little MPB.  And sleepless nights for the entire MPB household.

But, then, then the 2 year molars appeared.  They’ve been bugging him for months, but now they are really here. 2 poked through while we were away in December on what can only be described as our worst family trip ever.  And 2 are arriving right now.

These 2 year molars have knocked Little MPB down hard.  I’m convinced they are the worst teeth ever.   He’s been rather drugged up on Tylonal and Advil for a good few days/nights now.

His daytime hours consist of crying while saying owie, lying around watching way too much Paw Patrol, eating fruit pouches and yogurt if we are lucky, 30 minute naps and general grumpiness.  In fact, Friday was so bad daycare called us before naptime said we may want to pick him up because he’s in so much pain (they would have kept him if we wanted him to, but we went and got him and just started our weekend early – thank god we’re self-employed and didn’t have any meetings scheduled).

Nighttime, well, those have been a complete nightmare.  He’s normally an all-star sleeper – 30 out of 31 days he sleeps 11 hours straight at night.  This weekend, he’s been sleeping a total of 2 – 4 hours.  He’s beyond exhausted.  Mr. MPB and I are also beyond exhausted.

We just keep telling ourselves, these are the last 2 teeth and we are done with baby teething – only 2 more teeth – we can survive these 2 teeth!! (As if we have some sort of choice).

But none the less, I must say, teething is the devil.

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14 Comments on “2 Year Molar Torture

  1. 😦 Makes you seriously consider the old days when they gave babies whiskey to deal with the pain!! (Not that I suggest you give him whiskey by ANY means …. just that I get why they did!). Extra snuggles for the little guy!


    • oh yes I can see why whiskey used to be a solution to help babies (and parents too) – it gets to the point where we’d try almost anything to help less the pain. (For the record, we’ve stuck to the tylonol and Advil approach).

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  2. How sad! I read someplace once that teething pain is on the same level as the pain caused by a gunshot. I’m glad you’re taking your baby’s pain seriously-some parents just poo-poo it.


  3. Oh the poor little sweetheart. Teething pain sucks 😦 we only have 7 teeth so far and I already hate teething. For nighttime, I asked the pharmacist for some numbing gel, just so bub (and us) can get some sleep. I try to use it sparingly but it works.


  4. Poor little guy. Just keep telling yourself these are the last of the first teeth, and you’re almost through them! On top of C being sick, I’m pretty sure her molars are bothering her. I don’t see them or feel them, but like you said, trying to look in a toddler’s mouth isn’t easy. But she keeps chewing on things in the back, not wanting to eat foods that aren’t squishy, bright pink cheeks, crazy drool, cranky, and was up and inconsolable a few times last night. She’s a super slow teether, so I have no idea how long this is going to last. Solidarity, mama!!

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  5. Poor little MPB! Someone at work today told me that if an Adult were to teeth they would pass out from the pain! You are sooooo almost done with teething! Hang in there!!!

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  6. I guess we got lucky: I never really noticed my sons suffering with teeth erupting, except on a few rare occasions, and then Tylenol or Motrin took care of it. Their biggest issue was drooling a lot.

    Glad to hear that Little MPB is nearly through this process!


  7. I remember losing so much sleep because of my sons’ teething! It is a phase but when they’re going through it, it feels like it’s forever. Wishing you naps . . .


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