My Perfect Breakdown


Little MPB has always been a very early teether.  To the point where I’ve wondered if I count his teeth wrong, and attempt to recount them (a word of the wise, counting teething toddler teeth is no small feat).  For the longest time I thought the canine teeth were the worst to come through.  They caused so much pain, and agony for Little MPB.  And sleepless nights for the entire MPB household. But,… Read More

We saw a pediatrician to discuss Little MPB’s speech and his ongoing cough (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned his cough before – he’s been coughing randomly basically since he was born, but our GP has never found a cause or been concerned about it, but put it on the referral form because a second opinion is never a bad idea). The Pediatrician did a full exam – a head to toe… Read More