My Perfect Breakdown


I’m sick again.  Honestly, I’ve never been sick this often in my entire life.  I cannot even count how many times I’ve been sick since Baby MPB joined our lives.  I know my immune system is clearly compromised from trying to do everything with a lack of consistent sleep, but seriously I’ve had enough of being sick. I’m debating stepping on a scale and reading the numbers for the first time since… Read More

In the last week Baby MPB surprised us – he now has two teeth! . I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about babies teething.  I’ve heard about the sleepless nights, clingy babies, inconsolable babies, screaming babies, etc. Well, Baby MPB might just be super baby as none of that has happened. Instead we’ve had baby smiles, giggles and general happiness.  And copious amounts of drool. We visited with my grandmother was… Read More