Some Random Friday Thoughts

  1. I’m sick again.  Honestly, I’ve never been sick this often in my entire life.  I cannot even count how many times I’ve been sick since Baby MPB joined our lives.  I know my immune system is clearly compromised from trying to do everything with a lack of consistent sleep, but seriously I’ve had enough of being sick.
  2. I’m debating stepping on a scale and reading the numbers for the first time since I was 13.  I’ve always avoided knowing the number so I didn’t become obsessed with the number.  But for the first time in 20 years, I’m thinking that knowing the number will help motivate me and push me harder to get back to my pre-miscarriage body.  But, I’m still undecided because once I know the number I cannot unknow the number – there will be no going back.
  3. With September fast approaching we have to start our nanny search again.  I’m dreading it.  I just want to keep this nanny for the next 2 years, but she is committed to get her master degree.  As much as I want to keep her, I cannot fault her for continuing her educational pursuits.
  4. How fast do kids get their teeth?  Baby MPB has 2 secrete teeth which he still will not show us.  And, I think he’s about to get another one!  He’s still handling it all well, but still it cannot be fun.
  5. Why is summer almost half over?

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12 Comments on “Some Random Friday Thoughts

  1. Oh I feel you on the sickness stuff. We have had a sick household one way or another for about 9 weeks now. I am so over it (as I cough away all night right now). Ugh. Hope yours clears soon. Good luck on working out your relationship with that number. I say if you don’t know then don’t do it because I am always operating on the principal that where possible you save action taking for when you are sure 🙂 Good luck!

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  2. I’ve obsessed over my weight since I became pregnant. Not healthy to do, but I feel like it’s helped to keep my eating in check and not just go crazy because “I’m eating for two”. Sorry you’re having to start your nanny search again, but at least this time you have one still helping you out during the search and aren’t trying to juggle as many things at once! Sorry you aren’t feeling well again. Maybe try adding some vitamins so help with your immune system? And I’m not sure why this summer is half over with…I’m actually happy about that one!! 😀

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  3. Hmmm, not fun falling sick so often. Take care of yourself. Healthy momma is a healthy and happy baby.
    Reg teeth, there is no timeline. On average, babies should havr their incisors by 15 months, canines and one set of pre molars by 20 months and by 3 years they should have 20 teeth. Boys teethe slower than girls, but not always the norm. There is no timetable for teething.
    People say the canines and molars hurt the worst when it comes to baby teething.

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  4. Ugh, I can relate to your getting sick so often: when my twin sons first started daycare two years, I went through a period of at least 12 months when it seemed that I was sick more often than I was well. So frustrating!

    With respect to the teeth, one of my sons got his first tooth or two at around 6 months. My other son had NO teeth until he was 14.5 months old (yep, you read that right). So there is a wide variation, although I understand that most infants have at least a couple of teeth by their first birthday.

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  5. Teeth vary dramatically. Charlotte her first tooth at 5 mos and now at a year she has 9… Roughly one a month on average, sometimes 2.

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  6. Little ones pick up germs and lack of sleep well make you more susceptible to get sick. Hopefully you are better for it though in the long run. And teeth come in all at random normally 4 at a time, 2 top and 2 bottom. Tylenol can help with the fevers and fussyness. Our little one is getting 4 molars at once now. Hang in there!

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  7. In 2.5 months we’ve gotten almost 7. Wyatt only shows me if I catch his mouth open in a wide grin or if Mike holds him upside down and he laughs. He clenches tight if I deliberately try to look. How has the little guy been with the teething?

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  8. 1.) You’ve just totally changed which post I’m going to do next on my new blog, so watch for it!

    2.) That darn scale! I’m impressed you’ve stayed off it this long. I haven’t weighed myself since the beginning of recovery, but I will right before we start Whole 30.

    3.) Once again, I wish I could be your nanny!

    4.) It’s absolutely possible that those teeth are just coming in one right after another, I’m glad he’s handling it pretty well though, for yours and Mr. MPB’s sake!

    5.) I totally agree, why is summer half over? Well for me, it’s pretty much 2/3 over because I’ll be back to work in a month. 🙂

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