We Found Another Nanny

We have made a job offer to another Nanny.

She walked into our house and instantly went to the dog.  She loves dogs of all shapes and sizes.

She nannies 3 days a week for another family.  She has been with them for almost 2 years.  They adore her.

I managed to contact her references last night and they are stellar.   In fact, one said she’d trust her with her kids lives.  Another told me about when she cared for their 5lbs premature foster baby (which lead into a very informative conversation about our local foster system, which is something we are toying around with doing in a years time).  And the other one indicated that she dog sits for them whenever they go away.

She grew up in the community we live in and she lives within walking distance of our house.

The catch (because there is always a catch) she just finished her undergraduate degree and has applied to graduate school.  So she will either be going back to school in September or will be looking for full time employment related to her degree.  We greatly appreciate that she was upfront and honest.

So, we think we have a great nanny for a few months and we know the Nanny hunt will start again in August.

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18 Comments on “We Found Another Nanny

  1. I am so glad to read this! Two years and still going with another family is about the best reference you can get 🙂

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  2. Fantastic news! I’m so glad she was honest with you about everything. I hope she makes your summer a lot easier, and you find someone equally as wonderful for when she goes back to school or starts work!

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  3. I’m so happy you’ve found someone you like for the time being at least! And you just never know what may happened. I tried to leave CT a couple of times and gave notice to my family I was nannying for and ended up staying both times. I ended up being with them for 10 years, lol.

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  4. I am so glad you found someone for the time being. I always have thought it is important for people to like dogs. If our dogs don’t like you, we probably won’t either!

    Hope you can find someone just as good in a few months 🙂

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  5. What good news! I have been a bad blogger lately and haven’t had much time for leaving comments but I have been keeping up with your blog and have been thinking and praying for you. What a relief! XOXO


  6. Oh, wonderful! It’s too bad you’ll only get her for a few months, but who knows what might happen with her grad school / job search — I’m glad you’re covered with a fabulous, dog-loving nanny for now! (Seriously, your dog is adorable — what’s with all these nannies who are afraid???)

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