My Perfect Breakdown


It’s official, I’ve become a bad friend. In my attempt to balance parenting and work, I’ve completely let my friendships slide.  Friendships in real life, and friendships through my blog. One friend, a mother living in the excoriatingly hard adoption wait, I cannot remember the last time I texted or talked to her. Another friend, one who I used to have lunch with at least once or twice a month, well, it’s… Read More

Sometimes being an independent consultant is stressful. And right now, I’m in one of those stressful times. In fact, my anxiety is high that sleep has become and elusive mystery, some sort of a lost art.  And, I as I write this at 4:35 am, I can assure you that there is nothing worse then watching the time tick by, counting down the hours and then minutes until morning arrives.  And it… Read More