My Perfect Breakdown


It’s almost funny, now that I have over 2 years of experience in this parenting gig, I can spot a growth spurt a mile away. His normal food intake throughout the day consists of 6 specific mealtimes: breakfast at home a second breakfast/early-morning snack at daycare lunch at daycare afternoon snack at daycare afternoon snack while driving home from daycare supper at home While normally it’s like he grazes all day, lately… Read More

I’ve decided to start the week out on a positive note, by sharing a few thing my toddler is saying right now that make me happy.  Of course, I’m saving the best one for last. Little MPB gets to watch cartoons on weekend mornings.  He used to just ask to watch Paw Patrol.  But one day we used the word cartoons and ever since the first thing he asks for when he… Read More