My Perfect Breakdown


Based solely on what happened in the last 24 hours, I have determined that I am no longer my old self: 1am argument between Mr. MPB and I that resulted in me on the couch with epic tears rolling down my cheeks and landing on Baby MPB. Another rediculous sleep deprived argument, literally over being sleep deprived. Me awake most of the night with Baby MPB. Siting at my desk at 5:45am… Read More

Please bare with me while I whine, complain and probably even swear today. Or, better yet, you probably should just skip this post, nothing productive is going to come out of it. My mouth is freaking killing me after a visit to the dentist.  I have horrible teeth, always have and presumably always will.  At this point I simply pride myself on the fact that I don’t have any fake teeth yet. … Read More