My Perfect Breakdown


I’m grouchy.  I have been for a few days now. Why you ask? I dunno. Work isn’t overly stressful at the moment.  Little MPB is doing great with the exception of teething misery.  Mr. MPB seems to be getting by alright.  Our house doesn’t look like a tornado just went through it, just a toddler storm, which I can totally live with.  I’m not overly exhausted at the moment. Of course I… Read More

Based solely on what happened in the last 24 hours, I have determined that I am no longer my old self: 1am argument between Mr. MPB and I that resulted in me on the couch with epic tears rolling down my cheeks and landing on Baby MPB. Another rediculous sleep deprived argument, literally over being sleep deprived. Me awake most of the night with Baby MPB. Siting at my desk at 5:45am… Read More