My Perfect Breakdown


Once upon a time, while driving to the grocery store, a husband and wife had a conversation: Me: Hey, I was just thinking, any chance you want to try again?  I just realized I’ll be 35 next year, which means our chances of a successful pregnancy will drastically drop in approximately 10 months.   Mr. MPB: Ummm….we have a chance at a successful pregnancy?   Me:  Well, no.  Not really.  Just that… Read More

So, little MPB has a swollen eye.  At first we thought maybe it was the start of pink eye.  But then when he woke up the next morning and it was completely bruised, not pink.  In fact, the white of his eyes looks completely white and the bruising is all around the eye. So we have determined that this is essentially his first black eye. As someone who has not had many (if any?) black eyes in my… Read More