My Perfect Breakdown


Yes, you read that correctly.  I am pretty sure I am not the first parent to speak these words. But, here’s the thing, I just don’t think it should be this hard. We have done 11 full days of potty training with the help of a very supportive daycare.  Mr. MPB has the role of lead potty trainer.  I have the role of lead accident cleaner-upper.  We both have the role of… Read More

So, we took the plunge into potty training.  We decided to do it now because we have an mini-vacation coming soom and it would be so nice to not be dealing with diapers.  We were motivated and determined! Here’s what we did: Step 1 – Read potty training e-books. Step 2 – Buy and read a real book based on recommendation from friends.  Oh Crap!  Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know… Read More