My Perfect Breakdown


How is it already 2019?!  I feel like I am officially old, because I have pondered this question way too many times in the last week! Seriously, where has time gone? Another year gone.  Another Christmas season gone.  But mostly, I cannot help but see that my little baby all the sudden seems like he is three going on thirteen.  And next thing I know he’ll be going off to college. I… Read More

For me, saying good-bye to 2015 comes with so much hope for 2016. Today I am hopeful. In fact, I think I am more hopeful then I have been in a number of years. Hope, it’s a powerful force.  For me, in many ways it’s my guiding force.  It keeps me going on bad days.  It gives me a reason to wake up and tackle each and every day.  It offers innocent… Read More