My Perfect Breakdown


As we are entering into a time in our lives where we will have absolutely no control and I’m struggling with the ambiguity of day-to-day life.  Honestly, while things are generally going really, really, amazingly well, every single day something happens that we have no ability to predict.  And I am really struggling with the uncertainty.  I get that with everything adoption, nothing goes according to plan. But then again, in life,… Read More

We are on our way. I don’t think either one of us slept last night.  We tried, but the combination of excitement, fear and good old fashioned nerves made it a lost cause. We were up early to shower, get dressed, lock up the house and head to the airport.  The airline recommends 2 hours before take off for international flights.  Mr. MPB required 3, because you just don’t want to miss… Read More