My Perfect Breakdown


I am simply too tired for full sentences at the moment.  So it’s a list kind of day. It’s Friday of a long weekend.  Yay!!  Friends are staying with us.  Yay!!  Mr. MPB is going to be away.  Boo. Remembrance Day is so important to me.  I had grandfathers who fought in wars.  I have a cousin in the USA military.  But, more then those related to me, I have an appreciation… Read More

I know our upcoming visit with Mr. MPB’s family will invoke anxiety for me.  These visits always do, so I’m kind of used to it no.  But, this visit will be our first with Baby MPB, so I’m sure my anxiety will be insane. So, we have strategies to help control my anxiety and hopefully nip it in the bud before it becomes unbearable. No-one but Mr. MPB and I will feed… Read More