My Perfect Breakdown


So this went down just the other day when I visited a friend’s family while travelling for work. I’ll just say upfront that my blood is still boiling…. Friend: Oh, can you stay with our 3 kids for a few hours tonight? Me: Ummm…sure. (thinking, I haven’t seen you in 6+ months and thought I was coming to visit the family, not babysit). I do have a 2 hour drive when I… Read More

WordPress just informed that it’s been 4 years since I started my blog.  4 years!!! Gosh, how is that even possible? In those 4 years we: Had our 5th and last miscarriage. Went out of country to NYC to get specialized recurrent pregnancy loss medical diagnosis.  Chose not to pursue treatment for multiple reasons. Endured hurt and drama due unsupportive family and friends. Chose to pursue international infant open adoption to grow our… Read More