Mommy Do It!

Little MPB has entered into a Mommy phase.  If you remember, Little MPB used to only let his daddy do things for him.  But not anymore.  Now, the tables of turned to the point that Mommy Do It is probably Little MPB’s most common phrase these days:

Getting Little MPB’s milk from the fridge = Mommy Do It!

Unclipping Little MPB’s car seat = Mommy Do It!

Playing cars = Mommy Do It!

Make dinner = Mommy Do It!

Build lego’s = Mommy Do It!

Snuggles = Mommy Do It!

Change a diaper = Mommy Do It!

Read books = Mommy Do It!

Which of course this leaves Mr. MPB wondering when and if he can do anything for Little MPB.  Truthfully, it’s obvious Mr. MPB is not loving this new phase.

Me on the other hand, I’m soaking up every moment of being the obvious favourite, as I assume it wont last long.  I love that my little boy wants me!  I love that he asks for me to help him out.  I love that when he’s hurt, he wants a hug from me.

Truthfully, I just love, that my tiny human searches me out when he wants comfort and love.  And I just love, that every single time he asks for something, he ask for him me, his mommy!!

Have I mentioned recently, just how much I love being Little MBP’s mom and how truly amazing it is to be a mommy*?


* disclaimer – not all mommy moments are amazing, but for me, each and every mommy moment is something to celebrate.  Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful I was chosen to be Little MPB’s mom.

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12 Comments on “Mommy Do It!

  1. So sweet 😍 Soak it up!! Avery’s in an “Avery do!” phase and won’t let us do things for her even if it’s going painfully slow for her (and us) 😆
    But when she asks one of her parents to do something for her, it’s usually “Mo do” because she wants to cuddle with me and doesn’t want me to get up and make dinner or get her water etc. So it’s not a good thing for her Mo to be the one asked to do things!

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    • We are also in the “Little MPB do it” phase too! I love watching him try to figure out how to do things in his own way. And I adore how proud he is when he figures out something in his own!
      Haha I love that she’s figured out to send the non snuggling parent to do her work for her. Little MPB just expects me to do whatever it is he wants, while carrying him. Which is not always easy or practical!


      • Haha oh yeah, the demands to open a jar or crack an egg or bend down and pick something up all while holding a 30+ lb snuggle monkey. Too familiar.

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  2. As an aside, A is completely potty trained(including night). So if you are looking to start again, it will be a good time. I know A and little MPB are close aged, A started this Sept / end Aug – he is 3 months shy of 3. Took us 2 weeks.


  3. I love the “mommy do it” as well! It’s so cute! When we brush her teeth, she says “mommy do it, A do it”. So we both get a turn.

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    • That’s awesome!!! 😊 I’m excited for the day brushing teeth isn’t a battle for us. For us it’s either a refusal to do it which means a full body pinning effort or a “Little MPB do it” demand. Which of course. He can do it, but we still need to help to make sure he actually gets the necessary job done.

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  4. We are in the polar opposite phase where it’s always been “mommy do it” and never, ever “daddy do it” in our house. Even if we are sitting and cuddling and he announces that he’s hungry and his dad is in the kitchen, he will still sacrifice our cuddles if it means that mommy gets the food for him and not daddy who is standing right by the item of food he wants. I truly am hoping the day comes when mommy can get a break and daddy will be the chosen one. I know my husband will be over the moon excited if that day comes after 3 years of being the clear second choice in our house.


  5. Luke’s in this phase too. He’s even starting saying things like “I like mommy better.” It can sometimes be exhausting but like you I’m trying to embrace it. I’m sure the pendulum will swing again but for the time being I’ll take it!


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