My Perfect Breakdown


My life is so incredibly full, in so many ways.  I am a mother, a dream come true for me, that at one time I never thought possible.  I have a loving husband.  I have a thriving consulting business.  I have food on my table and can afford extra life comforts that many other have to go without. And yet, lately, I feel a tad bit lonely. I have always been the… Read More

Little MPB has entered into a Mommy phase.  If you remember, Little MPB used to only let his daddy do things for him.  But not anymore.  Now, the tables of turned to the point that Mommy Do It is probably Little MPB’s most common phrase these days: Getting Little MPB’s milk from the fridge = Mommy Do It! Unclipping Little MPB’s car seat = Mommy Do It! Playing cars = Mommy Do It! Make dinner… Read More