My Perfect Breakdown


My life is so incredibly full, in so many ways.  I am a mother, a dream come true for me, that at one time I never thought possible.  I have a loving husband.  I have a thriving consulting business.  I have food on my table and can afford extra life comforts that many other have to go without. And yet, lately, I feel a tad bit lonely. I have always been the… Read More

I’m still struggling.  Things just don’t feel right. But, I will admit, so many of you were right yesterday.  (Thank you all for your love and comfort yesterday, I really needed it). Getting home was a good first step to feeling a bit better. Doggy snuggles, as always, helped bring me some peace and comfort (seriously, I think everyone on earth needs a pet dog and world peace would follow). Mr. MPB… Read More