A Beer, A Snuggle & My Own Bed

I’m still struggling.  Things just don’t feel right.

But, I will admit, so many of you were right yesterday.  (Thank you all for your love and comfort yesterday, I really needed it).

  • Getting home was a good first step to feeling a bit better.
  • Doggy snuggles, as always, helped bring me some peace and comfort (seriously, I think everyone on earth needs a pet dog and world peace would follow).
  • Mr. MPB hugs and snuggles also helped calm me down.
  • A nice cold beer didn’t hurt either.  If nothing else, it allowed me to sit down for a few minutes and just be.
  • And my own bed, well that’s always bound to help too.

So, while today is still not great as life has not magically been fixed, I do realize today wasn’t as bad as yesterday.  And, maybe that means tomorrow will be a bit better too.  And, if nothing else, at least that gives me a bit of hope for tomorrow.

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12 Comments on “A Beer, A Snuggle & My Own Bed

  1. Huge hugs. Glad you went home to the lovelies in your life. Whatever is bothering you right now, I hope you can work it out. Big hugs x

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  2. I hate being alone on work travels, it’s not glamorous and I’m sure drives most normal people to sadness. Glad you are back home for the snuggles and cuddles all around!! I know that Snuggles doesn’t fix everything, neither does the beer though, they are just like a plaster (or band aid). Your fix is just around the corner though, 2016 will bring you wonderful things 🙂

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    • I always say if only I could travel somewhere awesome for work, then it wouldn’t be so bad. But, and I’m sure you understand, it doesn’t really matter where you go for work, you still miss home.
      And yes snuggles and beer were the perfect bandaid. I hope 2016 bring us both so much joy!


  3. I am new here even though my story started 2 years back :). Hugs, hugs and hugs to you. If all these little pleasures makes you happy, go for it! This is how I am sailing my boat through storms.

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  4. I hope that after being home, relaxing, and getting some rest you will feel better! And I hope that everything that seems to be going wrong, will work itself out very soon. *hugs*

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  5. It could be this damn time of year too. I say have a second beer 🙂 Hope tomorrow goes ok for you, given all that’s happened with Christmas and your dad/family of late. Doing nothing and having an “un-Christmas is perfectly acceptable too!

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  6. Glad you are home and getting the snuggles and love you need. I hope you continue to feel better. Thinking of you. P.S. Sometimes all you need is a good beer 🙂

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