Tomorrow’s Hope

Today is here and will soon be gone.

I cannot change the day once it becomes yesterday and it becomes part of my history. But, no matter what happens, I can and will remember today, good or bad.

Yet, I have learned to respect that the past is in the past. I cannot rewrite history and I cannot give myself a different story. With my past, I can honour where I have been and the events and people who have helped shaped my life.

That said, I can and will help write my future. Tomorrow is unknown, and it is mine to conquer. For me, so long as there is a tomorrow, there is:

Hope for a smile.

Hope for a fresh start.

Hope for sunshine to wash away my sorrow and frustrations.

Hope for love not anger.

Hope for laughter not tears.

Hope for joy to radiate through my body and touch me deep into my core.

So, tonight when I go to bed, I will hope that my dreams are filled with happiness and I will hope that I wake up to a new day and a fresh start because tomorrow is a day with unlimited possibilities.

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28 Comments on “Tomorrow’s Hope

  1. Yesterday, my wife’s always drunk, usually high second cousin posted this on Facebook: (Copied and pasted verbatim) “Today was Tomorrow Yesterday, and it will be Yesterday Tomorrow, so enjoy Today.” It kind of gave me a headache when I read it, but the guy has a point. Regardless, I’m with you about tomorrow.


    • I like that my post is similar in it’s thinking to your wife’s always drunk and usually high second cousin. He has a point. 🙂
      Love to you and I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for both of us.


  2. I love this post. I wish I had caught it Friday, before going out to dinner where my mood got all morose and I spent two days in a solid funk, worrying about tomorrow. Your words are calming, they don’t make me want to stick you with a fork for being overly positive, and they are a good reminder that the past is what it is and you have to honor it, today is known for better or worse, but tomorrow holds promise. Tomorrow hasn’t been written yet. (It kind of reminds me of something I read, I think from Lavender Luz, that said that when you worry about tomorrow you actually put yourself through the bad thing regardless of whether it happens or not–so if it happens, you’ve experienced it over and over, and if it DOESN’T, you’ve experienced it in your mind anyway. So assume tomorrow has promise. Thank you thank you for this timely post! 🙂


    • I too wish you read it earlier to help bring you out of your funk! But, I’m glad it spoke to you when you did read it.
      And, I must add, I love that it didn’t make you want to stick me with a fork! I laughed so hard at that line, because I absolutely understand what you mean, I despise forced positivity and enthusiasm, so I take this as a huge compliment. Thank you. 🙂


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