My Perfect Breakdown


February is kicking my butt in a way that I am not used to.  In fact, at this point, I’m not even sure which way is up and I’m literally fearful of what is coming next. You see, one day last week, went like this: 9am – Epic potty miss. As in, my little toddler boy forgot to aim at the potty, and managed to absolutely soaked himself and me.  While at… Read More

I’m on the road with work 3 days this week, including 1 over night.  That means, this week was always going to be a tad bit more stressful then normal.  But with my relative staying with us and she will help out with Little MPB – and for the record I’m not being sarcastic. We are three weeks into her staying with us, and things are going well.  She helps out with Little MPB and… Read More