February is Really Kicking My Butt

February is kicking my butt in a way that I am not used to.  In fact, at this point, I’m not even sure which way is up and I’m literally fearful of what is coming next.

You see, one day last week, went like this:

  • 9am – Epic potty miss. As in, my little toddler boy forgot to aim at the potty, and managed to absolutely soaked himself and me.  While at a public washroom.  I had a spare change of clothing for him, but not me.
  • 9:10am – My little toddler boy dropped a M&M on a very questionable floor.  He managed to pick it up and eat it before I was able to stop him.
  • 11am – My little toddler boy wasn’t watching where he was going while at the Ikea cafeteria.  I told him to watch where he was going, narrowly avoiding a railing.  Not even two seconds later, he walked into another railing that I didn’t notice either.  Epic blood was pouring from his eyelid. By the time Mr. MPB came back from getting napkins to stop the bleeding, I informed him we had to go get stitches.  So, off to the hospital we went, for our little toddler boy to get his first set of modern day stitches (i.e. glue).  He is definitely going to have a scar from our family lunch at Ikea and I guess now he has the right to always hate trips to Ikea.

Then, on another day, while picking Little MPB from daycare we were informed of a behavioural incident.  Little MPB doesn’t nap at daycare anymore, but all his friends do.  Needless to say, one this particular day Little MPB decided he wanted a friend to play with during naptime so he pulled a friend off their cot while sleeping, to wake them up.  Okay, as a parent, I get this isn’t good and we have talked to him about not waking up his friends when they are asleep.  But, daycare should probably also be watching the awake child a bit better.  And, I have to admit, I totally laughed out loud when I was told about the story.

And, on the day we expected our ill family member to be released from the hospital, we received some very confusing and really not good news.  Recovery is now delayed, and we may be facing a completely different medical situation then anyone previously thought. Basically turning an already bad situation even worse.

Also, we’ve been under an extreme cold warning for a few straight weeks with the weather being about -90768 all month.  So we’ve been stuck inside all month, which is never good for anyone’s mental health.  Now, as a Canadian I should be used to this, but honestly, I’ll never get used to this kind of cold.

Honestly, I just cannot handle much more.

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14 Comments on “February is Really Kicking My Butt

  1. Aw, sorry to hear about Little having to get stitches. 😦 Been through that with Levi and it sucked. My week has been going about that well actually. Dog had a massive nosebleed, Levi busted his chin on the counter, Zane fell on his face and cut his lip and I scratched my hand all in one day. And that was the day after Tru and Levi threw up 8 times in the course of 3 hours. 😩 Here’s hoping next WEEK will be better and next MONTH will be awesome.


  2. Oy. What a week! I wouldn’t sweat the M&M, but wandering around in public drenched in toddler pee does not sound fun at all! I had to leave the public library with baby poop stains on my shirt and pants once from a truly epic blowout, so I feel your pain. Like you, I always keep outfit changes for the kiddos in the diaper bag, but not for me — you’d think I’d have learned that lesson! And I also laughed at Little MPB’s desire for a friend during naptime. Honestly, it’d be hard for me to be too mad about something like that. 🙂 Sorry about the glue, and I hope it warms up for you soon so you can all get out and let Little MPB burn off some energy!


  3. Good grief MPB! Ironically, I’m planning to go to IKEA today. You definitely need to do some self-care, because that is a lot. Glad lil MPB is mended and I’m sure he won’t mind the scar. You’re a great mom ❤ XOXO


  4. Life with kids! Crazy! I laughed about the napping incident too only because I’ve been there. Luke has gone into Olivia’s rooms 3 times now to “play” with her while she’s asleep. It’s funny and frustrates me so much. It’s cute they want a companion. Also, ok I found a pretzels on the floor of a dance studio and ate if. Ughhhh. These kids! I hope February gets better for you!


  5. I cringe when my kids drop things in public floors too. I’m basically mental if it happens in a hospital. But my friend, her daughter dropped her cupcake on Granville St in Vancouver, so epically gross, and she still let her eat it. I’m talking icing side down too. The daughter was fine, no mysterious diseases or falling off limbs or even antibiotics needed either 😂 kids are gross but they somehow survive

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  6. Oh man, what a day that was!! I’m sorry this month is grinding you so hard. I hope you get some fun stuff in to make up for all this hard stuff x


  7. What little MPB did at daycare is hardly a behavioral incident – it’s a funny story and that is all. Goodness, did they write him up for that? Can’t fault the kid for wanting a friend to play with. At his age, this is wonderful and shows excellent social progression.

    I’m sorry you’re family member is still so ill.

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    • No, they didn’t write him up for it. I did have a rather interesting conversation the next day with the director of the centre and his teacher. His teacher made the comment that he’s the only one who runs all the time inside, to which I responded, we know he runs, he has since the day he learned to walk and I find it very hard to believe that he’s the only three year old who runs (two other toddlers ran past us at that very moment, as if on cue). I also pointed out that I have concerns about not having enough teachers available to supervise the sleeping and awake children at the same time. I also specifically asked what is he doing while other kids sleep because I don’t know many toddlers who could sit and read a book quietly for 2 hours, that’s an unrealistic expectation. I also suggested that since he’s always been an excellent listener, it’s quiet possible he’s teasting limits and boundaries at daycare and what strategies are they using to encourage him to walk and enjoy quiet time? Needless to say they were reasonable after I pointed out the obvious and asked constructive questions without blaming anyone (sometimes being trained in conflict resolution and mediation is beneficial). Also, it’s been -90879 here for a few weeks, so the kids aren’t able to run outside which is resulting in a lot of excess energy. If the weather gods give us a bit of good weather I think he’ll fall back into his relaxed self at school.
      I also believe that they are just mad that we’ve said no to forcing him to nap for 2 hours everyday. That is the only think I was not willing to listen to, when they brought it up (sorry, but my kid cannot go to bed at 10pm every night so that the daycare teachers can have an extended break).

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      • No parent in their right mind is going to force a nap that then delays bedtime. That’s when we knew to CUT naps – because we were not going to let him stay up until 10/10:30 and that was happening daily with naps.

        Same weather here and the kids are losing their minds being stuck inside for recess. Bryson’s Pre-K teacher told me about his naughtiness and then said, “but he’s bored. They all are. They need to get outside!”

        They sound a bit uppity. 😉

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      • Uppity is a good word for it!! I think the kids are bored which means they are driving the teachers insane! Some good weather will do everyone some good, myself included!


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