Ping Pong Ball Brain

I have a tonne of thoughts bouncing around my brain today.

I feel as though a ping pong ball has been let loose in my brain and it wont stop bouncing around.

There isn’t one specific thing that’s bothering me.  In fact, I’m not even sure that I’m bothered by anything at the moment.

Instead, I just feel like like I have one thousand and one things that are all vying for my attention.

Adoption Waiting.



Our lost little ones.


Our upcoming weekend away.

My need for new music on my phone.



Life Transitions.


Much needed house repairs.

My furball puppy dog.

While some things may not be perfect, nothing is catastrophically wrong at the moment (thankfully) and so I’m not truly upset about anything.  Or at least I don’t think I am, nothing seems obvious to me.

So I find it perplexing that my mind is racing from one thing to the next.  And there seems to be no downtime on the horizon, or at least none that I can see.

It’s starting to get annoying.  And somewhat exhausting.

I think I need to find a way to step-back and focus.  But since I’m not feeling particularly stressed, I’m really not sure how to put a stop to the ping pong ball bouncing around in my brain.

Any suggestions?

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21 Comments on “Ping Pong Ball Brain

  1. When I get like that, I like to make lists to help organize my thoughts. Just write everything down, and leave room in between (or write each thing as a header on a different page of a notebook) so that you can jot down notes or thoughts on each thing beneath. It’s a good way to get everything out of your head and organized somewhere that you can work through them. Hope that helps!

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  2. Exercise usually helps me. Taking a long walk allows me to just be alone with my thoughts or organize myself. It allows me to pay attention to what I need to think about without distractions. If my thoughts begin to stress me out a hardcore spin class or run usually helps. I think the endorphins help!


    • Good idea! I find I need something physical to break me from my rut, too. It’s because I live so ‘neck up’, when I get all ‘thinky’ like that I forget that half of me is my body and it wants to work stuff out, too.

      I also find a day off can really help. I like to strike a balance between going to a store and browsing and having lunch or a walk with a friend – alone time and social time.

      I have spotify on my phone. I didn’t think I’d like it but it’s getting me to listen to new stuff and I’ve become a convert 😉


  3. Exercise! A run or bike ride or even long walk. That and getting a piece of paper and writing out stream of conscious thoughts. Xo


  4. Bless you, sorry that you’re feeling frazzled. I’ve got an app called Headspace which I find fantastic for giving me calm and peace when I’m feeling like that. I think it works on the mindfulness idea, but it’s just a guy speaking and helping you to breathe, relax and focus. You do it for just 10mins a day and you feel so much calmer afterwards. Might sound odd, but I think it’s brilliant! Hopefully you can get it in Canada, I’d highly recommend it xxx


  5. You are making me laugh a lot in your posts lately! “Chocolate.” “The need for new music on my phone.” !! Love. A couple of observations…your posts are getting more lighthearted even as you still mention and integrate your loss and suffering. That shows great soul progress! Also, even though the desire to curb your anxious thoughts is valid, I do feel – personally – that it shows stress relief in the big parts of life if I can once again focus on little agitations. Does that makes sense? Like, I think this whole post shows how much progress you are making because the level of issues on which you are focused. That isn’t to say adoption waiting or work stresses aren’t serious or valid, but just that I think it seems so positive that you are at a lighter level. So, I feel as though I am rambling now, but this is all meant as a compliment and encouragement. It’s so great to watch your journey! And I agree with the other advice…exercise, yoga, tea with a good book, a candlelit bath…purposely slow yourself down however you know how (and feel great about yourself for all the progress beaming off of your posts!). Xoxo

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  6. Yoga!!! You need some quiet music, meditation time. Everyone always laughs, but to TOTALLY works for me. It’s a great morning regroup.


  7. I haven’t tried it yet however I came across “adult coloring books” that are supposed to be a more active form of meditation for those of us who can’t quite meditate in a way that works. Perhaps focusing on something a bit mindless will help center your thoughts? I love the description “ping pong ball brain.” 🙂


  8. Jeez I was just wondering to myself why I hadn’t seen any updates from you in a long time, and clicked on your page to discover I was no longer following you! Argh this phone app drives me nuts. I’m going to catch up now!


  9. Sounds like you’re unsettled. I get like that when I don’t have a project or something that I can focus my attention on. Maybe go on a hunt for a new recipe or DIY project to start. That usually gets me refocused 🙂


  10. When my mind is like this I read. Then I escape all the thoughts of everything around me and submerse myself into the book.. Hence my Kobo habit! Hahahaa.

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  11. I get like that when I don’t have one big important project or task to focus on. The past few months you have been focused on the major job of filling out adoption forms and getting the nursery ready and now there is a “lull.” That’s usually when my brain starts playing ping pong… Until the next big project. And there’s no tricking the brain; it knows the difference between hobbies and small tasks and majorly important tasks!!!


  12. I meant to add that I usually can’t get any of the smaller things done unless there is something big going on as well. I am much better at time management when I have less time; go figure. Doesn’t sound like you are the same, as you are always so productive… but thought I’d share anyway. ☺️


  13. Lists always help me. Spending time in nature – unplugged. And actual meditation or yoga. When I’m not grounded, it usually because I haven’t taken enough time for me lately.


  14. Reading everyones insights and suggestions is fascinating. I get like this too and it’s great to see what works for other people. Personally I’m a list person, but you probably could have guessed that. I love my lists, because they help keep my brain empty 🙂


  15. I make lists of things I absolutely must do, on my phone (in notes) or if I’m at my desk, on a post it note. I also sometimes send myself a To Do email. Or put a reminder in my calendar on my phone or work outlook calendar. I mean, I do a lot of that stuff to get stuff out of my head.

    And then I promptly forget about it! 🙂

    I find if I put it down “on paper” (not paper usually – electronic) then I can let go of it.

    I also read A LOT. It transports my mind elsewhere. I talk to my partner too if I have things I want to work out. I find that he usually has more balanced opinions than I do, as I’m quite extreme! But just switching off and doing something else like reading or playing with the dog is a good way to stop the thoughts bouncing around!


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