Sunday Fun Day: Dog Treat Jar

A few years ago I stumbled across the cutest dog dish at an annual Christmas craft market.  It was hand made pottery and it had the cutest little dog on the top of it.  It was the perfect size for our dog’s favourite treats, rawhide sticks.

But, then one sad day, Mr. MPB broke the jar.

The dish could not be saved.  Sadly this is all I have to remember it by:

20150823 - Sunday Fun Day_2

For a few years now, I’ve searched high and low to find the exact same artist so that I could get a new jar.

We went back to the Christmas market with the intent of finding a replacement, instead we found that the artist did not attend that year.

I googled every single search item I could come up with.  I never found the same artist or a dish that was nearly as cute.

The search became a bit of a thing and I always stopped anytime I saw a pottery vendor.  It seemed like everyone we knew started searching for me and a friend even gave me a replacement pottery dog treat jar.  But I never thought it was as cute as the broken one.  The gesture was, but the dish, not so much.

And then, while camping in the mountains last weekend, we stopped at a farmer’s market in a small town we drove through.  Without saying a word, Mr. MPB just handed me his credit card (I never bring my purse when we go camping and it all comes from the same account so it really doesn’t matter) and pointed to the pottery vendor.  And there it was, our doggy treat dish was sitting right there.  It was right at the center of the display, as if to say, look at me.

I bought one, and almost bought the second just in case Mr. MPB decided to be Mr. Clumsy again. Ultimately I didn’t buy two, but I did get the artists business card just in case Mr. Clumsy strikes again.

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21 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Dog Treat Jar

  1. AWESOME!!!!!! I am like this with the pistachio nut animals I got while in Australia but left in my then-boyfriend’s car. My Aussie friends is constantly trying to find them for me in her worldly travels. I know I’ll find them some day.

    I am so thrilled for you… Because I know how I would feel if I found my little magnet pistachio animals and a little tee to put them on.



    • I love that you have your very own thing like this – your pistachio nut animals! I firmly believe you will find them again one day, and probably when you least expect them! (If I knew what I pistachio nut animal was, I’d start looking for you too). 🙂

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  2. I love this story! It’s the kind of thing I’d do, buy two just in case! But sooo lovely you managed to find the exact same one! 🙂


  3. Yay!! It is so cute, so I can see why you searched high and low for a replacement! Bet the pup in the MPB household is a happy camper too!


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