My Perfect Breakdown


It feels like a list kind of day. We went out for Mr. MPB’s work Christmas party on Sunday.  (I still don’t know why a Christmas party was in March and on a Sunday night).  Little MPB had a great time with his former nanny and went to bed just fine without us.  We also had a good time.  Except on Monday morning I was wickedly hung over.  It amazes me that… Read More

We are at the start of a new week.  A week where we intend to: Break Little MPB’s Paw Patrol/Super Wing addiction.  He watched WAY too much TV while sick with pneumonia, and we started the process of giving it up over the weekend.  It has not gone all that well, but we aren’t a TV house so the poor kid is just going to have to re-adjust. Clean up our house. … Read More