My Perfect Breakdown


I am simply too tired for full sentences at the moment.  So it’s a list kind of day. It’s Friday of a long weekend.  Yay!!  Friends are staying with us.  Yay!!  Mr. MPB is going to be away.  Boo. Remembrance Day is so important to me.  I had grandfathers who fought in wars.  I have a cousin in the USA military.  But, more then those related to me, I have an appreciation… Read More

The MPB household is gearing up for a very challenging month and half.  We’ve known about the impending chaos for a few months now, and I think both Mr. MPB and I just kept trying to ignore that it was coming.  But, now that it’s upon us (as in, it started last week) I can feel the stress in our house already ratcheting up a notch or two. You see, Mr. MPB… Read More