My Perfect Breakdown


After recently reading a good friends honest truth, I decided I need to share mine. I’m struggling. I’m not seeing happiness in things I normally do.  I’m not enjoying the simple things in life.  I’m not feeling, the way I normally do. Now, I’m not saying my life is horrible, I know it’s now.  But, I’m just not feeling ‘right.’ I’m exhausted.  I’m not at all physically active these days, and have… Read More

I am sitting here stunned by the lack of humanity in the world right now.  No, not because of the current President of the United States, or even the Nike controversy. But instead, I’m stunned because of the events in my personal life that I watched unfold yesterday. . I was driving to the grocery store – a regularly occurring event in my life.  Typically it is a rather boring outing, but… Read More