My Perfect Breakdown


A few first puppy thoughts…. Doodle MPB is adorable!  She’s a little brown fuzzball. What was I thinking when I said an infant almost seems manageable?  A puppy who hates her crate is definitely a tiny reminder of just how hard infants are.  Mr. MPB and I already miss sleep, and we really aren’t very good at giving up sleep.  The only one who seems to sleep through her nighttime crying is… Read More

Every-night before bedtime we ask Little MPB who is taking him to bed tonight.  For a while now he always says MommyDaddy. So then we’d ask again and tell him he had to choose just one of us to take him.  Either mommy of Daddy, but not both.  And he’d again say MommyDaddy. Like complete idiots we thought MommyDaddy meant both of us.  You know, like he was trying to say Mommy & Daddy. … Read More