My Perfect Breakdown


Here we go again…I am transitioning Little MPB to the next size up in clothing. I thought we’d be in size 2 for a few months longer.  But, Little MPB decided to go through a massive growth spurt, and as much as I’ve tried to put off changing out his dresser drawers, it’s time to admit that I really needs to be change out his drawers.  He is starting to look a… Read More

As our children played together, the following polite conversation unfolded with someone I’ve met three times in my life: Random person: He’s adopted, right? Me: Yes. Random person: You got him from Mexico? Me: Nope, we adopted through the USA. Random person: Oh…are you guys going to adopt again? Me: Nope, after all we’ve been through, we are so thankful for Little MPB that we are one and done. I’ve learned a… Read More