Baby Nicknames

So, I had a nickname for Baby MPB for a long time – Stinkerbutt.

Mr. MPB became worried that he’d start to respond to Stinkerbutt rather then his real name.  Which is exactly what happened with our dog who respond to her nickname of Dumbo as a puppy and she’d probably still respond to the nickname Dumbo to this day.  So, needless to say, based on past experience Mr. MPB asked me to come up with a new nickname for Baby MPB.

So, I did.  First I tried Stinks.  But, in the end I landed on Stinky.  And so I have been referring to Baby MPB at home by the nickname of Stinky for the last few months.

Now, it’s not that he’s actually stinky on a regular basis, it’s just that he is known to have a stinky butt, just like all babies.  So, it seemed fitting and just became the nickname I used for him.

Regardless, Mr. MPB doesn’t love the nickname Stinky anymore then he loved the nickname Stinkerbutt.  And in his attempts to get me to come up with a new nickname again he has now pointed out that it would be somewhat cruel of me to give him a nickname that becomes commonly used by others.  Evidently, according to Mr. MPB, it’s not a good idea to give a little boy a nickname like this that could be used by friends as he grows up.  Apparently, no teenage boy who ever hopes to get a date wants to be known as Stinky.

So, now I am trying to come up with a new nickname.  And Mr. MPB has now specified that the nickname should have nothing to do with our son smelling.  Because, evidently you don’t want a small child to confuse his real name with anything related to smelling and you also don’t want the nickname to stick and have his friends in high school call him Stinky.

But the problem is, I cannot think of anything else.  I’m at a loss to find something that sounds right.  His real name doesn’t really condense into any obvious nicknames.  And names like Buddy, Bud, Peanut, or Babe just don’t feel right.  So, how do other’s come up with nicknames, preferably nicknames that do not refer to the smell of your child?

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45 Comments on “Baby Nicknames

  1. My cousin’s nickname is pig…has been since she was a baby, growing up I thought it was mean of my uncle to call her this and would scar her for life, but she is now 25 and still responds to it!!! Ironically when she was a baby she was a chubster and now she is a skinny thing (not because she doesn’t eat because she sure eats!!!!). I think affection of parents overcomes all, which means that you can probably call your baby anything as long as it comes with overflowing love 😊

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      • It’s funny because the other day I said it and thought to myself “Man maybe I shouldn’t keep calling her this, it may not be good for when she gets older.” But then I figure she has no idea what I’m saying right now, so whatever!! I’m glad I could cheer you up 🙂

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  2. I call our son Bug, which is short for lovebug. Sometimes he’s a sungglebug too. I also call him Munchkin pretty often, which would be an ironic teenage nickname if he continues on his current growth trajectory (he has been at 99+ percentile in length since he was born).

    My nickname growing up was Dip (or Dippy or Dipster), which came from a mispronunciation of my name by a close family friend when I was little. I used to be embarrassed by it, but I got over it, and some of our family and close family friends STILL use it, which is sweet in a way. Taking the long view, even if your son is embarrassed about being Stinky as a teenager, he might grow to embrace it eventually! 🙂

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    • I call my son bug too!! I was (am?) a huge fan of the TV show parenthood and one of the kids on the show had the nn bug. I thought it was super sweet.

      I also will refer to him as hippo – as in hungry, hungry hippo haha. 🙂 Sometimes I will say “he’s being a bit of a stinker” if he’s super fussy or something. I don’t see anything wrong with your nn of choice MPB, especially now while he’s young! Babies do have stinky butts after all 😉

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  3. We call my girls “Bebop” and “Rocksteady”. My husband started it and although the characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the same names are neither cute nor smart, the names are adorable and they have stuck. In fact, the twins were “Bebop” and “Rocksteady” for Halloween. Best of luck on the nickname search! Has Mr. MPB offered any alternatives to “Stinky”?

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  4. We called my little brother a very uncomplimentary name 💩 and we still call him it! Well, mainly I do! He doesn’t mind as long as I don’t post it on his Facebook wall! 😂

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  5. I’m not sure how it came about but sometimes I call my daughter Bunny or Honey Bunny. We have other names we call her but this one we use most often.

    Maybe there is a nickname relating to an animal that could work for baby mpb.

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  6. It’s funny. I never really had a real nickname for Truett. We call him Tru most of the time or occasionally I call him Trusie or something similar. But Levi was just obviously a nugget. And more specifically, a squoosh nugget lol. Us parents are rather ridiculous, right?!

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  7. One cannot force a nickname. It must come organically, when the planets align and the winds blow in exactly the right direction and the god of nicknames whispers in your ear. I wouldn’t worry about Stinky. Something else will come or when he’s old enough he’ll tell you to stop calling him that. Tim called Lettie Butthead forever and one day she said it was mean, and that was that. Butthead was no more. We call Winnie Chicken. I started saying “Winna, Winna chicken dinna,” one day, and that evolved into Chicken Dinner, Chix Dinn, Chickie Bickie, Bicken and, most often, just Chicken.

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  8. When I was pregnant, Darwin was bug. That nickname stuck although note it’s Bugaboo. Linnea was bee, and Darwin has called her bumble bee (her middle name means honey bee), but I’ve been calling her peanut. So many choices!

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  9. My sister started referring to her son (now 10) as The Beast when he was an infant because he had a certain expression when he was feeding (either at the breast or with a bottle) that struck her as beast-like. For years she has tried to break the habit of calling him Beast, and yet she occasionally still slips up.

    When our sons were newborns, I used to refer to them as my Peas in a Pod. . . because they were little, twins and often wrapped in pea-green swaddle blankets. This joint nickname evolved into calling Twin B Sweet Pea and Twin A Little Peanut (because his brother’s growth quickly outpaced his). I still occasionally call them these nicknames. 🙂

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  10. We have a Liliana. She’s become Lili Bell (Not her middle name), tinker (a cuter version of stinker), poo poo’s (also referring to stinky poos, but if you say poo poo’s fast, it’s cute), babycakes, little one, cute stuff, dolly, angel face… I think I come up with a new one everyday and don’t realize it.

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  11. Every single one of my kids has a nickname…Mary is CooCoo (The second week she was living with us, she was acting really silly after a cup of hot chocolate [we downsized on sweets SIGNIFICANTLY after this…LOL!]and i told her she was being a big CooCoo Bird and she cracked up and it stuck), Noah is Nene which means boy (first born boy in the family and “El Primer Nene” so that stuck), Levi is Macho (was born literally with his arms in a flexed position showing off his muscles, and my mom quickly said, “Oh, you think you’re a macho man huh?” and so that stuck!) and Austin is Papo (which is a derivative of Papi which means cutie [male], but he was so little that the opposite would be papO [big boy] and that stuck). We come from family who uses only nicknames all the time. It’s a personality thing for us, i guess…Like a cousin is called Scooch since he was about 8 months becuase he never crawled, he would just sit on his leg and scooch everywhere. He’s 32…we still call him that!

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  12. My nn from my parents is Bob my brother was 5 and I was a baby and he gave me the nn and it stuck the full nn is Callie coo Bob… me n Red didn’t share our sons name til after he was born but when no got pregnant my bff named her daughter a combination of her and her husband name so we jokingly called our baby rollie which is a combo of our names and it stuck he’s still my rollie or rollie pollie or my sweetpea

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  13. For the first couple months i mostly called Annika Stinky-dinky-doo or Stink for short. I also called her Nugget, Itty Bitty, or Peanut occasionally. At some point Peanut took over as my most used nickname. As far as nicknames embarrassing them in the future, growing up I had a nickname i was only called at home, never in public. I think you just have to be conscious of when you use it.

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  14. Oh my two have SO many nick names I’d not be surprised if they end up with a personality disorder! My faves are Nicknack & MissFliss (their real names are Nickolas & Felicity) but they also answer to pup, turd, roomba (cos she picks up everything!), babeA & babeB amongst others.
    Noinoi & Fizz were there names for one another when they were little and those have stuck too! So there’s a few to pick from!

    If his name won’t condense how about personality traits? A nod to where he was born? Can you combine his first and middle name or initials?

    We also use Nickson (middle name Hudson) and FLEabag (FLE are my daughters initials)

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  15. We call our son Monkey 🐒. It just came up as a shortened version of cheeky monkey I think. He doesn’t actually get it. Now he is 5 he asks why we call him that and thinks it is weird even though we have done so since he was a baby! Lol We don’t use it so much anymore. There is a shortened version of his name others use but I don’t love it and he is t a fan of it either so I just stick with his full first. Some or Monkey most of the time. Hope you settle on something you love.

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  16. I am giggling so hard at this. I love the nickname of Stinkerbutt! I think i had something similar when I was very small. When I got older, it morphed into mom calling me Punky B – after Punky Brewster – and my extending family calling me “Monkey Toes” because i used to climb on everything like a little monkey.

    Honestly, any nickname will change and evolve over time as he gets older and other things about his personality shine through. I’d say not to worry about calling him by the silly nicknames (like stinkerbutt) because really…. you probably won’t be using that in front of his future friends or classmates. ❤️

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  17. I’m laughing so hard reading this post!! We nicknamed our little guy Toots (for obvious reasons) and he does respond to it!! I feel kinda bad but it just suits him so well! It’s just a baby nickname, I’m sure he’ll outgrow it soon!

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  18. I love reading the comments on this. How cute! It is funny what parents come up with. We call ours nugget and I have taken to calling her toot toot for obvious tooting reasons:) not a name that I hope sticks obviously.

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  19. we refer to our son as “little monster” all the time, even though he is so far from being a monster child. either that or “sweet boy” which seems to be the phrase that flows easiest out of my mouth when I talk to him. I love Stinkerbutt! It would be just as equally as embarrassing to be called “sweet boy” as a teenager in front of his friends as “stinks” lol.

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