My Perfect Breakdown


I got ahold of the State Little MPB was born in.  They confirmed that they mailed Little MPB’s amended birth certificate a week ago and it should arrive as quickly as the United States Postal Service and Canada Post allow!! We were beyond elated. Until I re-read the email and I noticed that they have Little MPB’s name wrong – they switches his first name and middle name. As a quick aside,… Read More

So, I had a nickname for Baby MPB for a long time – Stinkerbutt. Mr. MPB became worried that he’d start to respond to Stinkerbutt rather then his real name.  Which is exactly what happened with our dog who respond to her nickname of Dumbo as a puppy and she’d probably still respond to the nickname Dumbo to this day.  So, needless to say, based on past experience Mr. MPB asked me to come up with… Read More