My Perfect Breakdown


As Mr. MPB have been spending our evenings discussing everything I’ve been writing about, as if in some ways re-hashing all the crazy we endured – the lies, the ever increasing fees, the threat of taking Little MPB away, disrespect for Little MPB’s birth mom, etc.  And of course, Mr. MPB pointed out another part that I should share.  So, here is part 5. . We are Canadians.  Our medical system is… Read More

Today is my fourth post on the worst experiences of our USA adoption.  You can read the first post here and the second one here.  And the third post, which is integral to this post, can be read here. . As I shared yesterday, our USA adoption agency threated to take Little MPB away from us under the premise that being separated from Little MPB would build character for Mr. MPB and I. … Read More