This Has To Be A Bad Dream

I got ahold of the State Little MPB was born in.  They confirmed that they mailed Little MPB’s amended birth certificate a week ago and it should arrive as quickly as the United States Postal Service and Canada Post allow!!

We were beyond elated.

Until I re-read the email and I noticed that they have Little MPB’s name wrong – they switches his first name and middle name.

As a quick aside, remember, his name is not changing.  His name today is the same name his birth mother gave him on his original birth certificate – something I have treasured immensely as his name is a gift from all of his parents.  What is changing is that Mr. MPB and I are going to be his parents on his amended birth certificate (which I still think is weird as we never gave birth to him, but it’s not something we have a voice in, nor is it the point today).

Anyways, we are now faced with the potential that his name is wrong on his amended birth certificate.  (I realize this is just a potential, but one thing international adoption paperwork has taught us is to be prepared for the worst possible outcome because things never seem to go just according to plan).

Needless to say, this potential error has made thinga go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

So now, we are trying to figure out what is actually on his birth certificate!!  I’ve emailed the individual back (and phoned more then once, but getting a living person on the other side of the telephone line is nearly impossible).  She has not responded, yet she responded to my initial email requesting a status update within minutes.  Of course, this lack of response has both Mr. MPB and I panicked.

Honestly, the last thing we need right now is for them to have changed his name on his amended birth certificate!

I would think a birth certificate name error is basically always going to be an unwanted bureaucratic nightmare for parents, and would never be fun to deal with.  But, for us, with the clock ticking, this is essentially the worst possible thing we could have to deal with right now.


So today, we are just hoping she just screwed up her typing in the email and that his name is actually correct on the birth certificate.

Hopefully she responds and confirms this is the situation sooner rather then later.  Or hopefully we just get the right birth certificate in the mail ASAP and we can see for ourselves that his name is correct.

Until then, all we have right now is hope

And maybe, just maybe, I should splurge and actually purchase this sign, because I really cannot think of a better way to spend my day.

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15 Comments on “This Has To Be A Bad Dream

  1. What the hell!?!?!? I hope that she just inverted the names in her email, and they didn’t mess it up!! Fingers crossed you either hear from her soon, or get the certificate, and it’s correct! I wish something would just go right for you already!! šŸ˜Ÿ

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    • I’m with you on hoping that something goes right for us ASAP! I hate knowing that we have a 30 day clock ticking over our heads. The worst part is if I knew this document might have been needed I just wouldn’t have submitted the immigration application yet! I could have avoided this clock entirely!


  2. Fingers crossed. Clerical errors happen all the time in emails and I can’t see how they would have transposed his middle and first name when adding your last name to the certificate itself. ā¤

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    • Yes, the deadline is the big stressor right now! Had I known they were going to ask for this document, I just wouldn’t have submitted the immigration paperwork until we had the amended birth certificate! I hate knowing that we have a clock ticking that we cannot control! Arg!!

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  3. Good GRIEF!!! How hard would it be for her to email you back and let you know?! I am hoping very hard that it was just an email typo/error.

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    • Exactly!! An email stating the correct name shouldn’t take more then 2 minutes, max 5 minutes if she has to pull the file.
      Either way, we are just suck waiting and trying not to worry for the time being.

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    • I have to admit the ongoing bureaucratic nightmare never ceases to amaze me! I had no idea that the actual adoption process was just the tip of the iceburg! Needless to say, I am so ready to be done with all of this!

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  4. GAAAAAAACK!!!!! Seriously?!?! I mean, I guess in some sense these institutions are here to protect people from identity fraud and international kidnapping and stuff, but when you’re just trying to get the paperwork you need to parent your definitively non-kidnapped little boy, it really seems like they’re just trying to make things so much harder than they need to be! I hope it all gets straightened out really soon so you can just be DONE with all the bureaucracy!


  5. You know, I think this is one of those times when you BREATHE, sit back, and wait and see what happens. You’ve done what you knew you had to do, without problems. You’ve dealt promptly, as best you could, with a requirement that was dumped on you unexpectedly. What’s the worst that can happen? They are NOT going to rip your son from your loving arms and send him back to the US! At worst there will be some annoying extra paperwork. If that comes with an extra cost – some sort of penalty or fine – you can probably get that waived if you can figure out the right person to talk to.

    Dear Mama MPB … BREATHE! I’m not saying this isn’t a big deal – it is – but bureaucratic incompetence is inevitable sooner or later. That is the nature of the bureaucratic beast, unfortunately. But it’s going to be OKAY.


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