Optimism – What Was I Thinking?!

Remember that post a few weeks ago? that post where I was so excited because I saw the light at the end of the adoption process tunnel?  You know, the day I submitted Part 2 of Little MPB’s Canadian immigration paperwork?  The same day I also realized we are still waiting on Little MPB’s amended birth certificate?

You know, it was one of those naïvely innocent and optimistic days.

What was I thinking?!


The immigration people have told us we have 30 days to submit Little MPB’s amended birth certificate.  Or we have to have a written explanation of why we cannot submit it from the government agency responsible for producing it (i.e. the State he was born in).  And if that’s not possible they will cancel his immigration application

Needless to say this letter caused my heart to skipped a beat as panic set in.  Truthfully, I really don’t have many nice words to say at the moment.


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What I will say, as politely as possible, is that NO-WHERE in the immigration paperwork did it request his amended birth certificate.  In fact, it only requested his original birth certificate, showing birth parents, if we had access to it.  Since we do have his original birth certificate we did submit that one.

In addition the form required 2 other pieces of identification.  And because I’m hyper-organized we submitted all the forms we have – a total of 8 different documents (passport, immunization records, adoption certificates, adoption court records, health care card, etc.).

I cannot help but wonder, am I actually supposed to be psychic??  I’m starting to think that being able to tell the future is a basic adoption process requirement.


Now I will spend my day contacting the State Little MPB was born in and begging them to process his paperwork ASAP so that I can meet this new deadline either with a birth certificate or a written explanation from a government agency as to why they are slow at processing documents.  I’m not hopeful I’ll get either within the timeline.

I wont lie, I’m actually slightly scared that this deadline might pass without me being able to sort through this.  And, I don’t even want to know what that will mean to Little MPB’s Canadian immigration process.

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12 Comments on “Optimism – What Was I Thinking?!

  1. Ugh, so sorry to read this! I really hope little MPB’s birth state can get you what you need ASAP.


  2. How freaking frustrating! I wish I could help. I would raise all sorts of hellfire and brimstone if I thought it would make this process go faster!


  3. Oh nooooo. I’m so sorry you have this stress to deal with! My husband moved here from the US and we had endless amounts of trouble with the immigration process. Like you, we found out deep into the process that there were forms we were supposed to submit that weren’t listed on any of the government websites. How is anyone supposed to know this stuff???? I feel your frustration. I hope everything can get sorted out quickly.


  4. Holy, sh***! What the hell are you supposed to do? Dude, keep us posted!!! Wish I knew the first thing about this so I could help you out, but our immigration process was completely different =/


  5. Ugh, I’m so sorry!! I really hope that someone can help you out, on one side or the other, and everything can get completed on time so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore!!

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