Adoption Immigration Paperwork

So, as a Canadian adopting internationally, before you leave the country to get baby you have to start the immigration process.

(Side note – I’ve realized if the adoption fails, it means at some point we may have to cancel the application. But, I refuse to think about that today. I just cannot go there right now and I’m focusing on the hope that we don’t have to ever cancel the immigration process).

So as the ever prepared adoptive parent, I sat down to start the paperwork. Expecting it to take at least a few hours and multiple headaches.

It is a 2 part process. Once you get through Part 1, you start Part 2 when you are told to (which appears to be once baby is home in Canada).

So, here’s my surprise of today. Adoption immigration paperwork seems to be the easiest form I’ve filled out to-date! Seriously.

I have to get certified copies of documents (driver’s licenses, marriage certificate, passports, etc.), but that’s not too hard. I’m sure we can make that happen sometime next week.

And here’s the biggest shocker, the cost isn’t outrageous. $100 for Part 1. $0 for Part 2! Yes, you read that right, something is free!!

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18 Comments on “Adoption Immigration Paperwork

  1. Glad something is going easy….does she have a due date that she’s given you guys?? I can’t wait to read the ending of this all soon

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  2. Maybe it’s so straightforward, because it’s Canadian paperwork 😛 (I’m guessing that a lot of the ridiculous paperwork has been for the U.S. side of things. And I’m totally joking…but I wouldn’t be surprised)

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  3. I’m glad that SOMETHING is rather straight-forward and simple (and not expensive!) in this process. I went through the immigration for Evelyn (just the other way around) to make sure she could also be a dual citizen.

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  4. Whoa, something free in adoption? Amazing! So glad this paperwork isn’t a pain and is turning out to be quite affordable. I’m so excited for all the forward movement! Every day a little closer.

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  5. This is fabulous!! Not the having to do more paperwork part, but that it’s seemingly simple and very inexpensive!! I’m so happy to hear that something has actually been easy for you in this long process!! Hooray for small victories! *happy dancing*

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