My Perfect Breakdown


Remember that post a few weeks ago? that post where I was so excited because I saw the light at the end of the adoption process tunnel?  You know, the day I submitted Part 2 of Little MPB’s Canadian immigration paperwork?  The same day I also realized we are still waiting on Little MPB’s amended birth certificate? You know, it was one of those naïvely innocent and optimistic days. What was I… Read More

We are still waiting on some more adoption paperwork (the story of our lives).  Right now we are specifically waiting for Baby MPB’s amended birth certificate from the state Baby MPB was born in. As an aside, the amended birth certificate is very weird in my mind.  Mr. MPB and I truly don’t care about an amended birth certificate.  Baby MPB’s original birth certificate has his name on it just as the name we chose with his birth… Read More