Crazy Mom Worry

In my relatively short time as a parent, one of the parenting things I’ve learned is that parents will worry about almost everything.

First, SIDS.  Oh my gosh, I hated everything about the possibility of SIDS.  And, as much as I worried, Mr. MPB was even worse.  On day 2 of Little MPB’s life, we went and bought the Snuza Hero.  And after I put it through the washing machine, we went and bought another one.

Then, basic car safety.  I despised our bucket seat and was convinced he was going to slouch while we drove and suffocate himself.  I will admit, I much prefer our Britax boulevard car seat, and I’m glad we switched him when we did because it’s always been a better fit.

Then, food.  Is he eating enough?  Is this food okay for him to try?  What if he chokes?  What if he chokes and dies?!

And don’t even get me started on my on going worry about his language development.  He does seem to be picking up more words, but its still slow.  Thankfully our speech therapy appointment is coming up next week.


Through all these normal parenting worries, I’ve had one specific worry that been a bit less normal and a little bit more crazy.  Since Little MPB was born, I’ve been petrified that a very tall and very old tree on our property was going to come crashing down during a big storm and land on our house.  And of course, given the location of said tree, and Little MPB’s bedroom, I had determined that it was clearly going to come crashing down on Little MPB’s bedroom and he’d die.

Now, I’ll admit I have literally had to talk myself down from this worry with every single snow storm and lightening/thunder storm we’ve had since we got home with Little MPB.  But, I was still crazy worried about it.  In fact, I was so worried last fall I convinced Mr. MPB to call a few tree companies for quotes to have the potential Little MPB killing tree cut down and have a few other overgrown and/or unhealthy trees on our property removed at the same time.

And so, we finally bit the bullet, and the potential Little MPB killing tree is now gone.  And with that, we’ve also given up most of the landscaping on our property and all of our privacy from our neighbours.  (I acknowledge I’ve created this new problem and it looks like we will be doing some landscaping sooner rather then later).

But, more importantly, with the potential Little MPB killing tree’s removal, this worry is now gone. My mommy worry brain can move on to something else.  Because, I’m now a slightly experienced mom, I am also smart enough to know, another crazy worry will appear in it’s place.

I wonder what it will be?  And how much I will I annoy MR. MPB with my next crazy new worry?

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14 Comments on “Crazy Mom Worry

  1. Hahaha. Save this post for little MPB to read when he is in his teenage years and giving your grief because he thinks its cool to do some risky crazy stunt that he calls adventure. Show him you had a bloody tree chopped off because you were worried for him, and he has no business going on his crazy adventures because of his teenage thrill seeking hormones 🙂

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    • Bahahaha! Amongst other adventurous things, I totally went sky diving when I graduated high school. I now realize my parents probably weren’t very impressed with my adventurous streak. I suspect little MPB will do similar things to me!


  2. You’re not alone in your fear of trees crashing down on your house and killing your child. Definitely not alone. I work for our city Parks department and we handle all the trees that are on boulevards and in parks and it’s crazy the amount of panicked phone calls I get from mothers and fathers (mostly fathers) demanding we cut down a “hazardous” tree because it’s going to crash into their yard and kill their kids playing outside or smash into their child’s bedroom. Hopefully that helps make you feel a little less like an over-worrying parent 🙂


  3. Yes the worries never end. Ugh SIDS worrying got the best of me. I now have an irrational fear that Luke will be kidnapped hit by a car. Thankfully Luke you I can control the factors that would increase those risks. glad you’ve take care of the tree!

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    • Oh don’t even get me started on the kidnapping fears!! I’m petrified one day we will wake up and he’ll be gone. Thanks for letting me know I’m not completely alone with thjs crazy.

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  4. Two terrible tree stories: We had a huge tree on our property that was probably 70 years old with a huge crack in its trunk. The expert who came to look at it couldn’t get to it to take it down for 48 hours and he was like, please promise me you will all sleep downstairs for the next two nights so this thing doesn’t crush you in the middle of the night. THEN two years later, I was up late at night nursing my then 1yo in a chair in the corner of my bedroom (our house was also under contract and we were closing in less than a week) when we heard an insane cracking sound and a giant crash. The neighbors’ tree had suddenly split in half, and it fell around the corner of my house (right where I was sitting with the baby) It came inches from hitting us and smashing my roof.


  5. I can totally relate (luckily we don’t have a rickety old tree outside our house! 😛) I was starting to feel like something was wrong with me – like I was becoming a dark, morbid person, because I was thinking of all these horrible things that could happen to Avery. But I hear more and more that all parents have these horrible worries, and it’s just part of the job…


  6. Oh yes. I remember it well. My first child was born. My sweet niece came to visit–and had a sore throat with bit of a fever. I sent her home! Hundreds of miles away. Not my proudest moment. I was terrifiied my newborn would come down with the plague. Sigh. Crazy mommies.


  7. I definitely picked which room Baby Bach would have based on the scenario of “If some drunk came barreling into our yard and somehow didn’t get stuck or flipped in the ditch, or stopped by the apple tree or the stone wall around our garden, and kept going all the way up to our house (which is not right near the road) then it might crash through this wall and into his room!” so he got the room on the side of the house, not in the front. LOL


  8. You are like me! I have these thoughts too. We have the Snuza too, and it keeps moving now he’s six months (whaaat?!) but I can’t bring myself not to use it yet. When did you stop?

    I’m glad the killing tree is gone and you can have a bit of rest from the crazy thoughts!

    Sorry I’ve not been on blogs much lately. Life! Hope you are well otherwise. X

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    • We stopped using the snuza when Little MPB began rolling over onto his stomach at night. At that age you cannot stop them from rolling and apparently the risk of SIDS really drops because they have the strength he lift themselves up if their mouth is covered.
      Also, I’m totally glad the killing tree is gone. One less thing to worry about. 🙂

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