My Perfect Breakdown


Remember how way back when I was all worried about Little MPB’s language development? As in, freaking out over it and eventually got a referral to a pediatrician to make sure he was developing on track? Well, my obsessive worrying over his speech actually makes me laugh now, because I was so wrong to be so insanely worried #FirstTimeParentWorries. One day a few months ago, it was like his single word use… Read More

  Everyone told me: Give him time, he’ll start talking when he’s ready.  He’s still young, don’t worry about it.   Boys are later to talk.  One day he’s going to wake up and just start talking. Heck, even the pediatrician told me he’s right where he should be. Well, it appears that everyone was right as it finally happened. It’s as though something just clicked in Little MPB’s brain and he… Read More