Word Explosion


Everyone told me:

Give him time, he’ll start talking when he’s ready. 

He’s still young, don’t worry about it.  

Boys are later to talk. 

One day he’s going to wake up and just start talking.

Heck, even the pediatrician told me he’s right where he should be.

Well, it appears that everyone was right as it finally happened.

It’s as though something just clicked in Little MPB’s brain and he now knows more words then we could ever attempt to count.  He picks up multiple words a day.  In fact, if we say something he now just repeats it.  He’s also decided to mimic every animal sound too.  For a long time, he just roared like a lion.  Now, he moo’s, woof’s, tweet’s, meow’s, etc.  In fact, he may have the cutest little meow I’ve ever heard – it’s more like eeeeoooow.

I guess this means I really have to stop swearing now.


I am thankful his speech has finally taken off.  But, I think this has been a very valuable parenting lesson for me – I cannot control everything (I know, this should be obvious, but that’s not how my brain works).  I obsessively worried about his speech development.  I researched, I talked to speech therapists, I took Little MPB to a pedestrian, etc.  Yet, I never self-referred to formal speech therapy – I consciously forced myself to back off and listen to the experts who kept saying there is nothing to worry about yet.

I guess, just because something doesn’t happen in my way on my schedule doesn’t mean it’s not okay.  Little MPB is his own person after all, he is bound to do things in his own way.

Please remind me of this little parenting lesson when I have a stubborn teenager.

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8 Comments on “Word Explosion

  1. Great news!

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself. You were tuned into a potential problem and you were being proactive. What if, after all this time of waiting, he still wasn’t talking much? You’d have been prepared on who to call and what to do. I can tell you as a “speech mom” myself, some kids don’t just “take off,” and you never know if your kid will or won’t until they do or don’t.

    No harm, no foul!

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  2. I chuckled out loud about the swearing comment.

    Also, I needed to hear this. This pregnancy has got me feel all kinds of out of control and I am really struggling with it. I obsessively research about when I can feel the baby move because the nausea is wearing off (I’m 10 weeks). It’s been quite the roller coaster and I’m thankful for my patient husband. I’m counting the days to my next appointment (less than 7).

    Also, be careful about inside jokes you have with your husband as well. I have introverted couple friends whose firstborn son was extroverted. Every inside joke was on display as soon as he started talking.


  3. Yay! I know it’s so hard not to worry about milestones. I find myself doing he same thing with Olivia now. Luke has hit a word explosion too….he says things that we’ve never asked him and it’s so cool! His new thing is saying “happy” when he enjoys something or telling others to “be happy!” Also we had to stop swearing although I’m really bad at it. I said sh*t yesterday when I spilled milk and little Mr L repeated me instantly. 😩


  4. That’s exciting! And your worry, while probably totally unnecessary, is totally understandable. At 14 months Avery isn’t walking more than a couple of steps on her own yet, and I have to keep verbally reminding myself of the advice of parents and experts that it’s totally ok. In the back of my mind I worry that there’s some scary underlying cause for the “delay”. But it’s so true that babies – especially toddlers, actually, develop at their own pace. I think their personalities come in to play at this age too, so certain types of kids move quicker on some skills and slower on others.


  5. We won’t need to remind you. You are going to learn it over … and over … and over … and OVER again. And then one morning you’ll wake up and your independent but loving little darling will be gone, and in his place will be a Mutant Ninja Teenager. But that’s way in the future … you don’t have to worry about it now…LOL

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