My Perfect Breakdown


I did it.  The project has been submitted!! I’m done…for now.  You see, the crazy project has a second stage that will come up in the next few months.  But the second stage will be much more normal. As in it will just fit in with my day-to-day work and not take a bazillion hours to complete.  (Anyways, I digress). So yesterday I celebrated in my own little way.  I sent a total of… Read More

The dog just puked all over the carpet. I’m sick again.  I had a few solid weeks of being healthy, it was bliss.  I miss being healthy. Little MPB is unhappy and crying unless he is right next to me.  If I leave the room, he cries.  If I try to sit on the couch, he climbs up and sits/jumps on me.  If I set him down, he cries until I pick… Read More