My Perfect Breakdown


The dog just puked all over the carpet. I’m sick again.  I had a few solid weeks of being healthy, it was bliss.  I miss being healthy. Little MPB is unhappy and crying unless he is right next to me.  If I leave the room, he cries.  If I try to sit on the couch, he climbs up and sits/jumps on me.  If I set him down, he cries until I pick… Read More

I normally post every weekday morning. Today I did not. Maybe, some of you have been wondering what’s up.  And a few of you may even have been worrying because it’s so unlike me not to post.  And a few others may have been excited that something adoption related happen (it didn’t so I’ll just crush that possibility right away). So, I thought I’d write about why I didn’t post this morning…. Read More