My Perfect Breakdown


Today I want to ramble on about work for a few minutes.  I know, not the funnest of topics, especially since I have never shared what I do for a living, nor am I going to today. Anyways, months ago I took on a project that was not the type of work I typically do.  It’s not that I cannot do the work, it’s actually that I basically never work for individuals… Read More

I did it.  The project has been submitted!! I’m done…for now.  You see, the crazy project has a second stage that will come up in the next few months.  But the second stage will be much more normal. As in it will just fit in with my day-to-day work and not take a bazillion hours to complete.  (Anyways, I digress). So yesterday I celebrated in my own little way.  I sent a total of… Read More