A Night Away

I’m sitting in a hotel room watching home improvement shows (we don’t have cable, so I have to get my fix while I can). Of course, my computer is on, which means I am also using this quiet evening to get some work done.

As I sit here responding to emails, I just got this text from Mr. MPB:

I had someone arrive to pick up our old printer that we sold on Craigs List. Little MPB is crying in bed. Doodle MPB just pushed down the gate at the bottom of the stairs and ran upstairs. Again. She learned that earlier today. Little MPB wont go to sleep, he wants to snuggle in MommyDaddy bed.

It clearly sounds like Mr. MPB is experiencing a chaotic evening. And, I’m clearly not around to help as I’m 3 hours from home.

I feel bad that I’m unable to help. I feel bad that Little MPB is having a rough time falling asleep tonight and I’m not there to help my little boy. He’s such a good sleeper so nights like the one Mr. MPB is dealing with right now throw us for such a loop. Also, Doodle MPB is a continual frustration and I just perpetually feel bad that I forced a puppy onto our family and currently Mr. MPB has to deal with her while I’m away. And truthfully, I’m also a bit nervous that come tomorrow when I get home Mr. MPB will be annoyed at me for being away because he had to do everything and he’ll be tired from his rough night and a lack of sleep.

But, I also kind of okay with it. I know Mr. MPB can handle it all. He’s a completely capable Dad, and truly doesn’t need me. I’ll be home tomorrow, so we will all survive tonight. I just might get a bit more sleep then Mr. MPB tonight, of course this is assuming I manage to sleep tonight as I normally don’t sleep well in hotels by myself.

Honestly, I cannot lie, part of me also just wishes I had a glass of wine to enjoy tonight while I relax and sleep in a giant king sized bed.

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7 Comments on “A Night Away

  1. I hear you on all fronts. I’m traveling for work. And my poor wife is home with both kids and was up all night with some kind of stomach virus or food poisoning. I feel terrible that I can’t be home to take care of her but also, I know she’s capable (and have been checking in on the off chance she actually needed to go to the er or something).
    Hope your trip ends well and that your return home is uneventful.

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  2. You definitely shouldn’t feel bad. Maybe if you were spending the night in a hotel just to get away from your family 😜, but you’re away for work, and that’s rarely fun. Also, I always bring a bottle of wine with me when I do an overnight in a hotel for conferences. I haven’t done it since becoming a parent, but still, drinking wine was a necessity to getting through lonely nights in a strange place. And who wants to pay room service price for a glass of wine!!
    Hope you slept well so it was well worth it to be away πŸ™‚

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  3. Hope you sleep well. Too bad you can’t get that glass of wine. That always seems to help πŸ™‚


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