Every-night before bedtime we ask Little MPB who is taking him to bed tonight.  For a while now he always says MommyDaddy.

So then we’d ask again and tell him he had to choose just one of us to take him.  Either mommy of Daddy, but not both.  And he’d again say MommyDaddy.

Like complete idiots we thought MommyDaddy meant both of us.  You know, like he was trying to say Mommy & Daddy.  And we just sort of alternated nights, unless he took my hand specifically.

Well, it finally donned on us after a few night of him says MommyDaddy and taking my hand and when he started saying MommyDaddy in other scenarios.

I’m MommyDaddy

Little MPB absolutely adores his Daddy.  As in, we often go through a few days or even a few weeks where he virtually only wants his daddy and wants nothing to do with me.

But, we’ve realized, he loves his daddy so much, he has now added daddy to the end of my name.  Almost as if I am allowed to be a substitute daddy when necessary.

I guess I should take my new name as a compliment?

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10 Comments on “MommyDaddy

  1. Id take it as a bigger compliment that he wants you to help him wind down. That means you are his calming factor, his go to person to de stress and relax.

    I think MommyDaddy is a great name.

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  2. This is so cute! I think it shows that you both mean so much to him that he wants you to be connected at all times! So adorable. I’m still waiting for the day when H wants his dad to be the apple of his eye so I love hearing that it is possible for a little boy to not forever be a mama’s boy!

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  3. MommyDaddy is so cute. Incidentally Aviana calls me and anything else she likes ‘daddy’. It took us a while to figure out that she was expressing the concept what we would call love/like as daddy. I’m not sure it will last long, but it’s adorable. I try not to take it personally though!!

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