Another DIY Project

I told Mr. MPB I was going to buy a hand-made coat rack for our front door – it was made by someone on Etsy and I thought it was a good fit in our house.  I showed him a picture of what I was going to buy and he adamantly refused to buy it.  Instead, he said he would make it for me on four conditions:

  • I had to helped pick out the materials
  • I had to help determine the layout
  • I had to give up my garage parking spot for a few days
  • I had to help hang it up

Clearly I agreed!

So, one Saturday morning we took a family trip to Rona.  I chose a piece of pine and some basic coat hooks and matching smaller key hooks.  I decided to use stain we had at home from when we re-finished a shelf in our kitchen a few years ago because it would keep everything matching and would save a few bucks.

Then, one night after Little MPB went to bed, Mr. MPB went out to our unheated garage in the dead of winter and got to work.  It took him about an hour to cut out all the pieces and put a coat of stain on them. I sat inside watching TV and drinking a glass of wine – clearly I had a hard job.   The next day, he assembled everything and we hung it up by our front door.  (As I didn’t actually help with the construction or assembly of the coat rack, there are no production photos, just photos of the end product).

I have to say, I think he did a pretty good job!!

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26 Comments on “Another DIY Project

  1. Great job Mr. MPB!!!

    My husband also often says “But I can make that… don’t buy it” and then never makes it. LOL. Kudos to Mr. MPB for following through! It looks great!!

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  2. This is so lovely! We are in the process of ripping out a really pathetic prefab coat closet and replacing it, and I’m thinking this kind of thing might be a perfect replacement for our big old coat hooks on the wall too!
    Nicely done!

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    • I love it – when no-one is visiting we use it. And if we have guests coming over it will be a perfect place for their coats so no-ones has to see the mess inside the closet. 🙂


  3. I was seriously just looking at a shelf almost exactly like this and thinking of ordering it but decided we could make it ourselves. Thank you for sharing and confirming that, yes, it is doable! ❤️

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