My Perfect Breakdown


I can confirm that all my tests have come back negative.  Which basically means all kinds of scary sounding things like E.coli, salmonella, c. difficile, campylobacter, etc. have officially been ruled out.  Which is a good thing, but also completely horrible because I’m desperate for an answer.  I feel like throwing a Little MPB sized temper tantrum!! Tomorrow is my last remaining test – the H. Pylori test.  After this test, the… Read More

I checked in with my doctor, and yes, I very likely do have an ulcer.  (There is no way to know for sure without another endoscope, but I wont be getting one of those anytime soon – I appreciate the Canadian health care system it is so much better then so many alternatives out there.  Especially when it comes to emergencies, but unfortunately non-emergent specialist appointments for things like a suspected ulcer, can take months (and… Read More