Random Thoughts Thursday

My mind is a bit muddled right now, so I’m going with a list of random thoughts today:

  • We’ve had a lot of snow here in the last few days.  I do not like winter at the best of times, but I can assure you, I really do not like the fact that winter arrived at the start of October.  But, what makes me feel absolutely horrible is that we do not have winter clothing for Little MPB yet – we are those horrible parents!  And even worse, Little MPB wasn’t allowed outside at daycare because of his lack of winter clothing (which is completely appropriate and safe), but apparently he just cried and cried while all the other kids got to play outside.  I guess this means I need to find some winter clothing for my kid ASAP, like probably yesterday.
  • I’m exhausted.  This is nothing new.  But for some reason I feel the need to share this fact once again.  Work is killing me at the moment, mainly because I’m starting my days at about 5am, just to try to stay on top of my project list.  As far as I’m concerned, 5am is meant for sleeping, not working.
  • Little MPB is doing fantastic at daycare with potty training!!  He uses the potty all day, every day.  About every 45 minutes they take him to the potty and he goes.  At home, not so much – he sits on the potty but rarely actually goes pee.  But, daycare says not to worry because he’ll start going at home in the next week or two.  So, we keep sitting on the potty and don’t worry much.  This potty training progress makes me very excited.
  • Doodle MPB.  We got a second opinion.  We REALLY like the lady who we called and we do plan to work with her, if we need to.  After meeting Doodle MPB, she asked if we’d let Doodle MPB be a case study for her Tellington TTouch accreditation.  We said yes, because we literally have nothing to lose at this point.  The extra bonus is that it’s multiple sessions and we don’t have to pay since it’s for her courses!  But, what was amazing is how quickly she responded to the mindful touches.  She actually sat on the floor, voluntarily, for the first time in her life!!  Now, I don’t know enough about TTouch to describe it here, but I’m pretty hopeful that it will help us by helping her learn to be calm.
  • Our current parent-tot swim lessons is all dad’s and me, the one and only mom.  I think it’s fantastic that parent-tot swimming is not just a group of mom’s, like all our previous classes have been.  But, I have to say, I find it awkward, only because one individual has taken to talking to me throughout class and when we aren’t next to each other, he is winking at me during class.  Now, maybe he’s just being overly friendly and I’m reading too much into it.  And considering it would be nice to have more friends in our lives, maybe I should just assume he’s being friendly and it’s nothing more.  But honestly, it’s awkward as I don’t really think the guy is winking at me just to be friendly.  I’m at swimming class to happily spend time with my kid (which is presumably what he should be doing too) and I’d really rather not be hit on.  Maybe it’s time for me to get a new wedding ring that I can actually wear?
  • Did I mentioned I’m exhausted?

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20 Comments on “Random Thoughts Thursday

  1. Oh Honey, I am so sorry you are soo worn out.
    I understand contracting is feast or famine, but is it possible you are killing yourself feasting? Maybe you can let go a few projects once in a while to get some semblance of normality.

    2) We don’t have any winter wear for either of the boys too, so you are not alone.

    3)I am a little sad they left little MPB alone(of course with a supervisor but still alone) in the room. At my son’s daycare they got a kid with pollen allergy , so during play times, they distract him first with toys and take him to the other room (pre schoolers have multiple rooms) so he doesnt really know that he is missing something.

    4)I am cautiously optimistic for Doodle MPB. praying for the dog to calm down 🙂

    5) Maybe your husband can get in the pool too? It would be v embarassing to be hit on in public!Winking… ouch… Maybe make Little MPB wear a suit that says, dont mess with mommy, Daddy will get you! ? Lol…

    6)Are you on top of all your vitamins? you soo badly need a break doing nothing.. is it possible to just not work for 2 days and push a deadline? Send little MPB to daycare and all you do is lie in the bed and sleep?


    • Thanks for all of this my friend.
      We are taking a long weekend pretty soon, and I’m NOT bringing my computer, so it should be good. I need a few days without my computer. 🙂
      3 – I should have mentioned there was one other kid inside that didn’t have the winter gear. And his favourite teacher stayed inside with him to do crafts. But, the poor kid just loves being outside and just didn’t understand why his clothing wasn’t good enough so he was inconsolable even with the other kids and the inside activities.
      5 – Mr. MPB hates swimming. He can swim, he just hates it. Where as I love it. So I do swimming and he does gymnastics. It works out well, except for the dynamic in this class is just not working for me, so maybe we can try trading classes one week and see if it makes a difference.


  2. I hope you can find a way to get some rest. I know that burnt out feeling well and it sucks. Have you guys ever considered sending the doodle to doggie daycare once in a while when you need a break from her? Is that a thing in your area? It’s huge in LA, but LA is weird. Get that kid some winter gear so you can stop feeling guilty. It’ll pay for itself in the relief you’ll feel. Also, I’m sorry you already have snow. That’s just lousy. Charlotte keeps saying things about how it’s Christmas time when there’s snow outside, and I haven’t had the heart to break it to her that she’s never going to have a white Christmas in Los Angeles!


    • We have doggie daycare, but none close to us. And the thought of adding a longer commute into my day just to drop off a dog, doesn’t work for me right now.
      I have to admit, Christmas is the only time of year that I actually like the snow. In fact, I think snow is a necessity for Christmas! haha!
      As for winter gear, I dug out the warm layers we have around the house (rain boots, lots of socks, insulated rain pants, jacket from last winter which is too small but still works and a fleecy base layer to go under the rain pants) and called it good enough for the rest of this week. We’ll pick up real stuff on the weekend when I have more time.

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      • Yeah, doggie daycare totally isn’t worth it if all it does is add to your work load! Catch wanted me too pick up snow gear for Charlotte at a recent consignment sale for the ONE day a year that they bring a snow machine in to her preschool and let the kids play in the snow. Um. No. She can make do with the stuff we bought last year that she wore for all of an hour. I don’t care if it’s too small! lol

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      • I wish we only had snow for one day thanks to a snow machine! HAHA! I definitely need to buy winter gear, and I also need to buy really good quality (i.e. expensive) stuff considering how harsh our winters can be – just a fact of living here I guess.


  3. We are behind on winter clothes too. Don’t feel bad.

    Yay for potty training! And also for some hopeful cheaper progress with Doodle MPB!

    And winking…. not a friendly gesture in any situation that I can think of.

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    • All the sudden, yesterday, he has started telling us at home he needs to go potty. So, now we seem to have made another great progress step with potty training. 🙂
      I will have winter clothing purchased by the end of the weekend – that is one of my top goals to accomplish this weekend. 🙂
      That’s my thought about the winking…

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  4. My mom had a beautiful but completely neurotic cat who got a bad fright in a storm one day and started scratching the back of it’s neck obsessively … creating an enormous wound that just got bigger and bigger and then started going septic and nothing the vet could do was working to the point that my mom nearly had to put the cat down out of kindness. In desperation she tried a ttouch practitioner and lo and behold … cat cured! I so hope this is it for you!

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  5. I gave my girlfriends dog CBD oil during the recent move and she did much better the 2nd and 3rd nights at the new place. She did not bark and get agitated in the middle of the night like the first night.

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  6. Ugh, the exhaustion just makes everything else worse! Hope you are able to get a break and some rest soon. And fingers crossed that this new trainer helps your dog.

    BTW, snow in early October?! You have highlighted the main reason why I could never live in Canada, as lovely a country as it is. It’s still in the mid 80s here in the desert southwest of the USA.

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    • I laughed so hard at the main reason why you could never live in Canada. Honestly, the snow and winter are my number one thing I despise about living here. I’ve lived here my entire life and I just do not like winter! But, there are many good things that keep me here in spite of the snow.


  7. Snow?!?! That’s insane. I hope you can get a break soon. You sound sooo busy!

    Great news on the potty training front. We are going to try in a couple of months…should be interesting.

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    • Waiting until Little MPB was ready for potty training was the smartest thing we could have done! And we are letting him lead the process, and just last night he started telling us “I have to go potty.” At this point I have to say this no pressure approach is definitely working for us! I hope however you decide to try, works well for you! 🙂

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  8. I’m sorry you are so tired!! And I cannot believe snow is starting already!!! Craaaaazy. That guy is totally flirting with you. I’d feel awkward too!!

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    • The snow has me really bitter – I just don’t like snow/winter! And I especially hate it when it starts at the beginning of October!
      And, the swimming guy really is just awkward!


      • Yeah I bet the snow makes you mad. I mean, didn’t it hang around quite late last season too? So late finish and early start make for a very short no snow period of time. Not fair!

        I also meant to say – YAY on the puppy stuff. Keep us posted. And YAY on the toilet training. Honestly daycare pretty much trained Saxon and I’m hoping they are going to get Holly there too. It makes all the difference. Holly is actually asking for undies all the time now and I let her wear them at home the other day. Held her wee for 2 hours, refused all attempts to sit her on the potty and then of course peed all over the floor. Seriously! I actually want to keep her in nappies until after our Canada trip as once they start training kids can’t hold for long so you are stuck dumping everything and running for a toilet when you are out for a good 6 months post nappy free stage. I can’t do that while traveling. And all the snow gear and winter and accidents. Makes me want to cry. Anyway, I just know in my soul Holly isn’t going to allow such timing so I should probably just get on with the training lol Oh the joys. Fingers crossed he starts using the potty at home successfully soon.


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